#ParisAttacks. More than 120 dead in 7 attacks.

Is it Russia’s turn to be attacked by the Islamic State?

17 November 2015

Manhunt in France – IS Assailants identified

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15 November 2015

Survivor of recounts moment of doom, was forced by attacker to watch killings

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TODAY Retweeted The Associated Press

7 detained in Belgium for , 2 attackers who died were French living in Brussels

: Belgium public broadcaster says two attackers were from

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“Syrians are not terrorists”: Refugees in Europe brace for backlash after

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At least 23 foreigners were among the 129 people who died in

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A breakdown of the victims by country:

ALGERIA: Two Algerians were killed, the official APS news agency said, citing diplomatic sources as saying the victims were a woman aged 40 and a man aged 29.

BELGIUM: At least three Belgians including a dual French national were killed, according to the Belgian foreign ministry. Press reports said they included Elif Dogan, 26, and Milko Jozic, 47, who had been living in Paris for four months. The third victim was reported to be 28 and also have French dual nationality.

BRITAIN: Nick Alexander, 36, was killed at the Bataclan concert hall, his family said. British media reports said he sold merchandise for the Eagles of Death Metal band that was playing at the time of the attack. The Foreign Office said a “handful” of other Britons were feared dead.

CHILE: Three Chileans were killed in the attacks. Patricia San Martin, 55, the niece of Chile’s ambassador to Mexico and her daughter Elsa Delplace. The third victim was Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, a musician, Chile’s foreign ministry said.

GERMANY: Germany’s foreign ministry said one of its citizens was killed, without giving further details.

MEXICO: Two Mexicans were killed, one with dual Spanish nationality, the foreign ministry said.

MOROCCO: One Moroccan was killed and another injured, according to the embassy in France.

PORTUGAL: Two Portuguese nationals are reported to have died, according to the Lisbon government. One of them, Manuel Dias, 63, was a driver and had just dropped off three passengers near the Stade de France, where he was killed.

The other, Precilia Correia, 35, worked at the FNAC in Paris and was killed at the Bataclan, where she had gone with her French boyfriend, who also killed. Born in France to a Portuguese father and French mother, she had dual nationality.

ROMANIA: Two Romanians were killed, according to the foreign ministry in Bucharest, giving only first the names of the victims: Ciprian, 32, and Lacramioara, 29. They were celebrating a birthday party at the Belle Equipe bistro and had an 18-month-old child.

SPAIN: Spanish authorities said 29-year-old Juan Alberto Gonzalez Garrido was killed while attending the concert at the Bataclan theatre. Spanish press reports said Jorge Alonso de Celada was killed at a restaurant and Alberto Pardo Touceda died in the concert attack.

SWEDEN: One person of Swedish nationality was wounded by gunfire and another was killed, according to the foreign ministry, which said it was still verifying the information.

TUNISIA: Two young Tunisian sisters who lived in the French region of Creusot were killed while celebrating a friend’s birthday in Paris, according to the Tunisian foreign ministry.

UNITED STATES: California State University student Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, was killed in the attacks, the university said. She had been studying industrial design.


At least 23 foreigners killed in , toll likely to rise

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‘Suicide vests used in made by professional who might be at large in Europe

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Warning graphic image: Carnage of concert hall seen in horrific Twitter photo

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my thoughts go out to all those affected

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This is the face of one of the killers

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: Up to 30 bodies of victims yet to be identified, says PM

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Several Kalashnikovs found in abandoned car after Paris attacks

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: G20 leaders ‘agree to step up border control and air security’

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Harrowing footage has emerged of the moment terrorists opened fire inside the Bataclan

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Terrifying new footage emerges of firefight outside Bataclan concert hall

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survivor reveals she played dead for more than an HOUR in theatre

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French police identify three teams of gunmen wearing suicide vests behind

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Shocked S’poreans in Paris lock up indoors

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Singaporeans in Paris were in disbelief and shock after yesterday’s terror attacks, and most who spoke to The Sunday Times were unable to sleep after a night of gunfire and blasts. Calling the experience a nightmare, Singaporeans staying near the sites of the deadly assaults locked themselves in their apartments as the attacks continued.

Among them was 23-year-old Loh Wei Ming, who was staying at an apartment in Rue Herold, just two streets from where several of the shootings occurred. The third-year University of Warwick law student was in Paris on holiday with a Singaporean friend.

When he returned to the apartment at around 10pm, he locked all doors. “If we had stayed out for another half an hour, we might have got caught in the whole thing.”

Three Singapore Management University (SMU) students, on an exchange programme since August, were at a metro station and unaware of the attacks until friends and relatives here messaged them. They ran back to their apartment, a 10-minute walk from the Bataclan concert venue where attackers struck. Student Diana Poh, 22, said there was panic in the neighbourhood: “Even in our apartment, we could hear screams and shouts.”

SMU said last evening that all 70 students on exchange programmes in France, including 35 in or near Paris, are confirmed to be safe.


New Yorkers gathered in Washington Square Park to mourn the victims of the

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Crowd gathers at the White House for vigil honoring victims & their families

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Landmarks worldwide beautifully lit in support of France after (PHOTOS):

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Parisians from different walks of life reflect in the aftermath of the

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From Bethlehem to Buenos Aires, the world is paying tribute to victims of the

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Malcolm Turnbull has spoken to the Australian teenager who was injured in the

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BREAKING: Belgian Police Detain Three People in Raids Linked to

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14 November 2015

Paris concert gunman was French, known to have Islamist ties: source

Paris concert gunman was French, known to have Islamist ties: Source

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PARIS – One of the gunmen who died after attacking a Paris concert hall on Friday had French nationality and was known to have ties with Islamist militants, a source close to the inquiry into a series of deadly attacks in Paris said on Saturday.

Earlier, sources close to the investigation said that a Syrian passport had been found near the body of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up near a Paris soccer stadium in one of the other attacks.

French media also said that an Egyptian passport had been found near the body of a second suicide bomber at the site. REUTERS


SIS claims responsibility for Paris attacks, calling them ‘miracles’

calls “miracles”

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Bullet holes scar the windows of the Carillon and the adjacent Cambodian restaurant on Rue Alibert in the 10th district, of the French capital Paris, on November 14, 2015, the morning after an attack which killed 12 people at the restaurant. Photo: AFP
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SINONE (Iraq) — The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the catastrophic attacks in the French capital, referring to them as “miracles” in a written statement released by one of its official publication arms and distributed on Twitter via the accounts of known militant propagandists.

Just like a similar claim of responsibility after the crash of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt two weeks ago, the statement from the Islamic State provided few details, making it difficult to ascertain its veracity.




| 300 hospitalised after Paris attacks, 80 in ‘critical’ condition: AFP



Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility for gunfire, blasts that killed 128 people

Paris (CNN)ISIS claimed responsibility for gunfire and blasts that targeted six sites Friday night in Paris, killing 128 people in one of Europe’s deadliest massacres in recent years.

In an online statement distributed by supporters Saturday, the terror group said eight militants wearing explosive belts and armed with machine guns attacked precisely selected areas in the French capital.

In addition to the people killed, 180 others were injured, according to the Paris Police Prefecture. More than half of them are in critical condition.

President Francois Hollande blamed the attacks on ISIS, calling it “an act of war” by the militants. He said it was planned from the outside — “with inside complicity.”

“When the terrorists are capable of doing such acts, they must know that they will face a France very determined,” he said.

In the chaotic aftermath of the attacks, there was no clarity on the number of casualties.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry put the death toll at 153 people Friday, but a day later, the Paris police lowered it to 128 people.


UPDATED 127 dead, 180 injured. 80 critical in Paris after explosions and shooting at the French capital

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It’s the hardest notice i never hear. My condolences for the family of the victims.

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Paris: Approximate deaths
1 Bataclan concert hall: 100
2 Stade de France: 5
3 Rue de Charonne: Japanese restaurant targetted, several dead
4 Rue Bichat: No figures given yet
5 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi: 5
6 Boulevard Voltaire: No figures given yet

Terrorists killed: 8 (shot or blown up with their suicide vests)

When the City of Lights goes dark, the world lights up in support


How France is reporting country’s deadliest attack since World War 2

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Wisma Putra: No Malaysians hurt in Paris attack

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– At least 120 people are dead in Paris after an unprecedented attack by gunmen and suicide bombers.

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8 terrorists killed in : reports

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Major terror attacks in France in 2015: , and more

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latest: – reports 100 dead at Bataclan – dozens feared dead elsewhere – at least 5 attack sites

police authorities have put the latest death toll at 140

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PARIS:  The string of coordinated attacks in and around Paris late on Friday left more than 120 people dead, in the worst such violence in France’s history.

The assailants struck at least six very different venues, ranging from the national sports stadium to a pizzeria. The overall toll was expected to rise.

Bataclan concert hall

A full house of 1,500 people were packed into the popular venue in eastern Paris for a concert by the US band Eagles of Death Metal.

About an hour after the band took to the stage, the whole concert hall was turned into “a bloodbath” according to a French radio reporter at the scene.

Black-clad gunmen wielding AK-47s stormed into the hall and fired calmly and methodically at hundreds of screaming concert-goers.

Four assailants were killed after police stormed in — three by activating their suicide vests and a fourth shot dead — but not before they had mown down some 100 people.

Stade de France

Three loud explosions were heard outside France’s national stadium during the first half of a friendly international football match between France and Germany.

At least five people died outside the glittering venue which staged the 1998 World Cup final with several others seriously hurt.

Rue de Charonne

A little further east on Rue de Charonne 18 people were killed, with one witness saying a Japanese restaurant was the main target.

Rue Bichat

Pierre Montfort lives close to a Cambodian restaurant on Paris’ Rue Bichat, a little further north, was the scene of another attack.

“It was very calm — people didn’t understand what was going on. A young girl was being carried in the arms of a young man. She seemed to be dead.”

Rue de la Fontaine au Roi

A few hundred metres (yards) from the Bataclan, the terrace of the Casa Nostra pizzeria was targeted.

Five people were killed by attackers wielding automatic rifles, according to witness Mathieu, 35.

Boulevard Voltaire

A judicial source said one of the attackers exploded his suicide vest on the Boulevard Voltaire, near the Bataclan. It is not yet known if there were any injuries from the explosion.

Story First Published: November 14, 2015 10:02 IST


Tonight I’m very glad that Facebook Safety Check has been activated.

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LIVE UPDATES: 1500 soldiers deploying to Paris – French Interior Ministry

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LIVE NOW: News Special Report: At least 100 killed in

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: PM offers thoughts and prayers to victims and families

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President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed France’s borders

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Paris (CNN)Dozens of people are reported dead after what are being called terror attacks across Paris. Police early Saturday freed hostages at a concert hall. The attacks seemed to be planned to hit areas where many people would be gathered on a Friday night in Paris, officials said. CNN will update this story as information comes in:

[Latest developments, posted at 7:18 p.m. ET]

• CNN affiliate BFMTV reports that French SWAT units have stormed the Bataclan concert hall and that the siege is over. Two attackers were killed, a police union said. Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN that assault is over.

• Klugman says the death toll in the attacks is going to rise significantly. “We are facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris,” he said.

• Police have brought out at least 100 hostages from the concert hall, a CNN producer said; some appear to be wounded.

• At least 43 people are confirmed dead in multiple attacks across Paris, firefighters said early Saturday. CNN affiliate BFMTV reported earlier as many as 60 people had been killed.

• President Francois Hollande called the events “unprecedented terrorist attacks” and added, “This is a horror.” In a tweet, he said, “Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists.”


Lights out on the Eiffel Tower as France enters a state of mourning..

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LIVE UPDATES: to hold defense council meeting, 9am Sat. in wake of

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French president: Several dozen killed in violence around Paris, hostage-taking in theater:

Nov 13, 6:50 PM EST

Hollande: Several dozen dead in attacks around Paris

PARIS (AP) — Several dozen people were killed Friday in a series of terror attacks, the deadliest to hit Paris since World War II, French President Francois Hollande said, announcing that he was closing the country’s borders and declaring a state of emergency.

At least 35 people died in at least six attacks. Many of those killed were in a popular concert hall where patrons were taken hostage, police and medical officials said. The violence gripped the city in fear and recalled the horrors of the Charlie Hebdo carnage just 10 months ago.

A police official said 11 people were killed in a Paris restaurant in the 10th arrondissement, and other police officials said at least twice that number died elsewhere, primarily in the Bataclan music venue, where the hostages were taken. It was unclear how many people were in the hall; one official said there were around 100, while another said there were far fewer.

Later Friday, automatic gunfire and blasts could be heard from the concert hall, and police officials confirmed that security forces had launched an assault there. Neither official could be named when discussing the ongoing operation, which several officials said involved dozens of hostages. Scores of police surrounded the building and sirens wailed throughout the neighborhood.

Earlier Friday, two explosions were heard outside the Stade de France stadium north of Paris during a France-Germany friendly football match. A police union official said there were two suicide attacks and a bombing that killed at least three people.


Facebook activated ‘safety check’ in Paris. Let friends know you’re ok.

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Phone no. of major embassies in Paris. Please spread it out !

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This is a map of everywhere we understand there to have been an attack during the

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