Rumour-mongering? By a Director-General, of all people. Oh, shucks!


Bulan Kebangsaan sepatutnya dirayakan bagi mengukuhkan jati diri rakyat. Sebaliknya mereka bercita cita meruntuhkan negara. Stop them.

— with Arshad Hashim and 11 others.

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman's photo.

Malay Mail Online

Facebook users: Info Department DG’s Malaysian-flag burning photo old, not Bersih-linked

By Ida Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Facebook users today ticked off a senior civil servant for allegedly linking this weekend’s Bersih 4 rally to an old photo of a yellow-shirted man burning a Malaysian flag, accusing him of spreading lies and provocation by using the unrelated incident in Manila.

Information Department director-general Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman was taken to task by Facebook users over the photo posted by an account on the social media site under his name.

Yesterday, the Facebook account posted the photo along with the words “Bersih is dirty. Bulan kebangsaan sepatutnya dirayakan bagi mengukuhkan jati diri rakyat. Sebaliknya mereka bercita cita meruntuhkan negara. Stop them”.

[Translation: National month should be celebrated to strengthen the people’s identity. Instead they aspire to pull down the country. Stop them]

While this post initially led to Facebook users calling for action to be taken against the individual seen burning the flag, several of them later pointed out that the incident did not involve a Malaysian or Bersih rally-goer and did not even happen in Malaysia.

“This is not a Malaysian but a Philipino [sic] protesting against their president for giving in to Malaysia,” a user identified as Yeemun Onn said, asking the government officer to compare the man’s shirt against the actual official shirts for the Bersih 3.0 and Bersih 4 rallies — which are also in yellow.

The Facebook users posted a screen capture of a March 6, 2013 news report by the Philippines’ news portal INQUIRER.Net, where a retired Filipino police officer had set fire to a Malaysian flag to protest the Aquino administration’s condemnation of the Sulu gunmen who intruded Sabah.

Today, Facebook user, Rayyan Haries, criticised the post on Ibrahim’s account: “How can a director general at the ministry of communication transmit false photo to incite hate sentiment. you sir, don’t deserve our taxpayer money for being such ignorant (sic). Please resign, such a disgrace.”

Another user, Zulhafidz Yahaya, said Ibrahim should have practice the best communication practices and check his source before making his comment.

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