SIA Flight SQ391 from Istanbul to Singapore returns SAFELY to Istanbul after ‘bird strike’…

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Man commends SIA pilot for getting them to safety after bird strike forces plane to return

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Hey Singapore Airlines,
Great job dealing with the bird strike on flight SQ 319 from Istanbul to Singapore today, my commendations to the pilot for getting us back safely with all the damage. While that part was fine, the being dragged around the terminal for the next six hours being told conflicting information and waiting in queue after queue with no rest was substandard. No complaints about the ground staff they did an excellent job dealing with the fallout but lacked a centralized response to the situation ie we were told we would be on busses in 15 mins when it took closer to five hours. Please learn from this and improve your crisis management here in future.

  • Singapore Airlines Hi Struan, our apologies — we have managed to locate your booking and contact details. We have shared your feedback with our colleagues in Istanbul. Please feel free to let us know should you require any assistance. Thank you.
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  • Singapore Airlines Hi Struan, we’re sorry to hear about this. We will be grateful if you could share your booking reference no. and contact details with us via so that we can look into your feedback. Thank you very much.
  • Struan Cummins Thank you, the main suggestion I have is once we started the process of leaving the terminal we had no access to water for nearly six hours and for some to have been provided during the process would have made a world of difference
Singapore Airlines Hi Struan, thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We will be sure to pass it on to our colleagues. Thank you once again.

SIA plane forced to turn back after getting hit by birds

An SIA plane was forced to turn back to Istanbul after getting hit by a flock of birds.

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A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight that departed from Istanbul, Turkey, was forced to turn back.

SQ391, which took off at 1.30pm (Istanbul time) on Monday (Aug 17), was supposed to land in Singapore today (Aug 18) at 5am.

But after take-off, the plane collided with a flock of birds.

Called a bird strike, this term is used to describe any collision between an an airborne animal and a man-made vehicle.

Due to the damage to the plane, it was forced to turn back to Istanbul.

All 255 passengers and 14 crew members disembarked normally.

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Singapore Airlines flight turns back to Istanbul due to ‘bird strike’

Flight SQ391 was forced to turn back after it encountered a “bird strike” following take-off. All 255 passengers and 14 crew disembarked normally, the airline says.

flight SQ391 turns back to Istanbul due to ‘bird strike’

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“Arrangements have been made for passengers to be re-booked on alternative flights into Singapore or accommodated in hotels. A relief flight from Singapore to Istanbul will be deployed today,” SIA said. The relief flight is estimated to depart Istanbul at 2.40am (Istanbul Time) and arrive in Singapore at 6.06pm (Singapore Time) Tuesday.



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