It’s often the over-zealous security guard who decides what Malaysian women should wear!


30 September 2017

DBKL says sorry after guard refuses entry to architect in skirt

zxg.pngOn Thursday, Tan wrote on her Facebook page, that she felt angry and humiliated after she was stopped from entering the building because of her outfit. — Picture via Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has apologised to an architect who was denied entry into its building to attend a meeting, purportedly because she wore a skirt.

DBKL’s enforcement department, in a Facebook post yesterday, said the guard who stopped Datuk Tan Pei Ing from attending a meeting as a representative of Malaysian Board of Architects (LAM) because of the dress code, has been reprimanded.

“DBKL apologises for the actions of the new security personnel for not being polite and failure to abide by the stipulated regulations,” it wrote.

On Thursday, Tan wrote on her Facebook page, that she felt angry and humiliated after she was stopped from entering the building because of her outfit.


Merujuk aduan daripada Ar. Datuk Pei Ing Tan yang sedang tular di Facebook.

DBKL telah ambil maklum dan telah menyiasat pengawal keselamatan yang bertugas pada hari tersebut.

DBKL memohon maaf di atas tindakan pengawal keselamatan yang baharu bertugas tersebut kerana tidak dapat menggunakan budi bicara yang baik berdasarkan peraturan-peraturan yang telah ditetapkan.

Oleh yang demikian, DBKL memohon maaf sekali lagi dan teguran telah pun dibuat terhadap pengawal keselamatan tersebut.


Jabatan Penguatkuasaan DBKL

Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan
Perbadanan Putrajaya

7 April 2017

When security guards at Parliament look at women’s legs instead of …

Women’s Air Organisation (WAO) assistant treasurer Meera Samanther, “I am a lawyer and I go to courts and other places. I certainly know how to dress. This is just unacceptable…The security personnel’s duty is to ensure safety and security and to make sure no unauthorised people enter the restricted area. That is their job. I don’t think determining the lenght of skirts is their job.”

30 April 2017

Skirts and pants become issue again in Parliament

BY Reena Raj


KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — It’s 2017 and women are still being judged by their hemlines.

Latest victim?

Women’s Air Organisation (WAO) assistant treasurer Meera Samanther.

Meera was stopped by security personnel who deemed her dress to be “indecent” for Parliament grounds.

“I was taken by surprise when I was stopped by security personnel,” she said.

“They said I will not be allowed to enter the building as my skirt was too short. I just didn’t know how to react. I was taken a back,” she said.

A lawyer by profession, Meera said she has worn the same knee-length black dress to court and it had never been an issue.

“The court never had a problem with my dress so I can’t understand what is the problem here. I am not wearing a mini-skirt,” sshe said.

Meera said she went to Parliament with others from women non-governmental organisations to meet Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran and M. Indira Gandhi following the deferment of the debate on the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Bill to the next Parliament session.

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18 March 2017

They should wear no make-up according to some…

Internet users defend SPM ace attacked over make-up


KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — Malaysian Internet users have come to the defence of Natasha Qisty Mohd Ridzuan who is being criticised for wearing cosmetics during an interview about her straight-A results in the 2016 Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examination.

The student from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah in Negri Sembilan was also denounced for purportedly speaking with a foreign accent as well as her attire during the interview with state news agency Bernama.

Most comments expressed either disapproval of her appearance or claimed that she will rely more on her beauty than her intelligence to succeed.

“I’m her batchmate, even in school, she’s always been pretty with and without makeup. Always supportive and helpful too. Zz smh at haters,” schoolmate Admalinda Hasan posted on her @admalindaa Twitter account.

Another Twitter user with the handle @kidzaid also rebuked Natasha’s critics for finding fault in her appearance rather than celebrating her academic results.

Ashrul Ashri said the apparent envy seen in the criticism against the top scorer was an indication of the country’s obstacles in its path to becoming a developed nation.

“This is why Malaysia finds it so hard to progress, so many uneducated people yet so powerful when it comes to bashing others,” he wrote.

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6h6 hours ago

Farhan Amir Retweeted Kid Harrington

Minus her make up, she still have 9A spm result.

Farhan Amir added,

16 Nov 2016

bars revealing clothes for female graduates


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) has imposed a strict dress code at its graduation ceremony that began on Nov 14 and ends tomorrow, barring female graduates from wearing thin materials, tight-fitting clothes and revealing attires.

Female graduates should only wear clothes that cover their bodies all the way from the neck to the ankles. These can be baju kurung, long dresses, long skirts and long-sleeved and high-necked blouses.

Commenting this, Unimas deputy vice chancellor (student affairs and alumni) Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rahman said the purpose of the RM50 penalty was to educate the students to the proper attire for a formal function and learn to abide by rules and regulation.

“Unimas convocation is an official ceremonial that is attended by the head of state. We want our students to dress decently as they have caused uneasiness,” he told Malaysiakini, adding some students were caught wearing short skirts and short pants.

Similar problems occured in the past 19 convocations and the university provided the students with clothes and shoes for free.

“Because it was free, there was no element of education. This year, we are charging RM50 penalty,” he said.

25 November 2015

Women’s dress code debate takes centrestage

Dress codes once again became the heated topic in the Dewan Rakyat today when Teo Nie Ching (DAP-Kulai) urged the Health Ministry to instruct public hospitals and clinics to give treatment regardless of what the patient and family members wore.

Speaking during the debate on 2016 Budget at the committee stage, Teo raised incidents of female visitor and patients not being allowed to enter hospitals or being refused treatment by the authorities.

She urged the ministry to issue a memorandum to convey the government’s stand that all patients would be treated regardles of how they dress.

It was previously reported that a two-year-old boy was allegedly denied treatment at two government clinics and a hospital in Kulai because his mother and aunt were wearing pants that were deemed too short.

Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad (PAS-Pasir Puteh) then interjected Teo and questioned if girls portrayed Eastern values if they were clad in shortpants.

“We have to take care our Eastern values. (I wonder) if the act of a girl clad in shortpants portrays the nature of the East? If not, then (she portrays) indecent Western values in the eyes of the community,” he said.

“If she goes to a hospital, public places or any other place, she would attract attention. This would show that she cares less of Eastern values,” he claimed.

To this, Teo replied: “Who said that a girl in shortpants does not reflect Eastern values? We live in a tropical country. In my constituency and village, girls go out wearing shortpants.”

Normala Abdul Samad (BN-Pasir Gudang) then said she agreed that the hospital should not turn away female patients or family members in an emergency situation.

She, however, claimed that reports of sexual assaults could be avoided if girl dressed decently.

6 July 2015


Monday July 6, 2015 MYT 9:04:22 AM

Dress code distress in Ipoh City Council


SEVERAL people were barred from entering the Ipoh City Council building on Thursday because their attire did not comply with the dress code, reported Sin Chew Daily.

According to the daily, those denied entry into the building included two elderly siblings – Huang Zheng Zhou, 68, and his sister, Xia Nv – who wore shorts, and a woman, Chen Mei Lan, 49, in a short-sleeved blouse and skirt ending below her knees.

A security guard who stopped them said the shorts ended above the knees and the woman wore a see-through blouse.

However, the woman was later allowed to enter the building accompanied by a council officer while the siblings decided to wait outside.

3 July 2015


At the Ipoh City Council, sleeveless blouse is a no-go

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Friday July 3, 2015 MYT 12:44:18 PM

It’s ‘cover up your arms’ at Ipoh City Council

IPOH: While the debates had centred on dresses that should cover the legs, a woman was not allowed to enter the City Council building here unless she cover her arms.

Eunice Chai, 32, a logistician, was stopped by security guards for wearing a sleeveless high-collar blouse and jeans.

She said she went to the council to apply for a business licence when one of the guards on duty commented on the “lack of sleeves” of her blouse.

“I was with a friend at the time, and thankfully he had a jacket in his car so he passed it to me at the entrance.

“I thought what I was wearing is considered decent since my legs are all covered up, but I didn’t expect this treatment here as well,” she said.

A poster showing the dress code at the council’s entrance


Friday July 3, 2015 MYT 5:31:18 PM

Mindef stands by its dress code after journalist denied entry into building

PETALING JAYA: The strict dress code at the Defence Ministry headquarters applies to all parties, not only to reporters, it said in a statement Friday.

Referring to an incident where The Star journalist Tashny Sukumaran was prevented from entering the Ministry headquarters due to her attire, it said the dress code was not new.

“A notice on the proper dress code is shown at the guard station. If a visitor does not follow it, then they will not be allowed to enter,” it said.

The Ministry said that the reporter, who had a long skirt in her car, violated the dress code by wearing a dress that showed her knees.

“The dress code has been in force for a long time and we hope that everyone, including the media, adhere to it when visiting the Ministry,” said the statement.

The Ministry of Defence wanted the reporter to cover up!

She later raised the issue with the deputy minister, who laughed it off.  WE WANT TO KNOW WHO THAT DEPUTY MINISTER IS! Please name him!

Reporter denied entry over dressing

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KUALA lUMPUR: I went to the Defence Ministry (Mindef) in Ampang to cover a pre­sentation of Hari Raya goodies to the armed forces by the Prime Minister’s wife, an event that was also attended by the Defence Minister and his deputy.

I was dressed in a simple black-and-white piece with short sleeves and a hemline that ended just above my knees.

Despite what I thought to be decent attire, I was denied entry at the guardhouse.

At the counter to register my vehicle, an official told me to step back several times.

I took a few small steps back until he told me: “Please step back further, I need to see what you are wearing.”

He then said I would not be allowed in because my knees were showing.

I protested by saying that I had covered Mindef events before, wearing both casual clothes such as T-shirts as well as in similar dresses, but the protest was to no avail.

I also told him that I was a reporter and needed to get in to cover the event. He and a female staff member said they would check with the officials inside the building.

They returned to say there was no response and instructed me to sit down and wait.

At this point, another military policeman politely “assessed” my outfit, saying that I had violated the dress code.

I said there should be consistency when enforcing the dress code, not as and when they like.

As I didn’t want to miss my assignment, I went to retrieve a long skirt that was kept in my car for precisely this reason – overzealous dress code enforcers.

Free Malaysia Today

Kula: Ridhuan Tee needs a ‘mental check-up’

July 3, 2015

The dress code has nothing to do with the service that government departments are supposed to provide to members of the public

IPOH: The Opposition thinks that controversial preacher and university lecturer, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, needs a “mental check-up” for challenging non-Muslims in a recent column to enter a church or temple in their underwear only.

Ipoh Barat MP M. Kula Segaran, commenting on the offensive column, said Tee had again become a laughing stock in the country and the target of heavy criticism in the social media.

“Anyone in his right mind will never challenge others in this manner,” said Kula Segaran. “Only one who requires a mental check up will throw such a challenge.”

Kula argued that Ng was only highlighting the fact that so long as a member of the public was decently dressed, his or her attire should not be an issue. “Tee could not understand the message and had challenged critics to wear only underwear to churches and temples.”

“The priority of government departments should be to provide good service to the public,” said Kula. “They should not try to make things difficult for them. The dress code has nothing to do with the service they are supposed to provide.”

He said that the growing controversy over the dress code imposed by various government departments had highlighted the need to do away with them for the public. The Cabinet disappointingly failed to take note that more and more “little Napoleons’ have emerged of late to make life difficult for the public, he said.

2 July 2015

He may have a doctorate but when he opens his mouth, rubbish comes out, not wisdom.

Bishop denounces Ridhuan Tee’s ‘harlot’s tongue’

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A harlot is a prostitute or a promiscuous woman. Jul 2, 2015

By Terence Netto

Bishop denounces Ridhuan Tee’s ‘harlot’s tongue’

Catholic Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing denounced columnist Ridhuan Tee for his temerity in suggesting that critics of the dress code seemingly imposed by government departments on women should just as well encourage church- and temple-goers to worship in their underwear.

“This is a needless inference by a man whose harlot’s tongue has led him to utter provocation after provocation,” said the the head of the Catholic Church in the Malacca-Johor Diocese.

“When you consider the number of people who have been hauled up for sedition probes in recent times – several on trivial grounds – and when you put that against what this man has been allowed to get away with, you know he’s got a licence to get under the skin of his targets,” said the Jesuit-trained prelate.

“This is an agent provocateur whose avowed aim is to get under the skin of his targets so that debate and discussion of issues affecting race and religion are thereby inflamed,” opined the bishop.

1 July 2015 Jul 1, 2015


Cabinet: As long as it’s not just undies, it’s fine

The cabinet has instructed the government chief secretary to review the dress code of government agencies that has been much criticised by the public. According to a Sin Chew Daily report, the cabinet opined that the members of the public going to government agencies counters are unlikely to be scantily dressed. But even if they wore shorts, short sleeves or skirts above the knees, they should be allowed to enter government agencies for general matters. However, if they want to visit officers or have an appointment, they will need to dress appropriately.


Cabinet has recently discussed the controversial clothing Guide topic on Wednesday, and shares the development of guide practices, but should not be too strict, as long as the dress is not too exposed is not a problem.
光明日報 Guang Ming Daily's photo.

Pusat Khidmat Kinrara imposed no attire restrictions. You are welcome with mini skirts or pants, sleeveless and whatsoever you feel comfortable in, as long as you aren’t naked. You will not be served with sarong nor towel on. We respect your liberty and your dress code freedom. 偶尔, 我也享受轻便简单的穿着, 我想, 只要不是暴露, 裸体, 无论男性或女性我们都应接受他们穿着的基本权力。近日短裙、短袖风波闹得沸腾, 当中掀起对女性不尊重的成分, 没关系, 你可以放心来到金銮区州议员服务中心。 在这里, 我们尊重你们的权力, 不论你穿短裤, 短裙, 短袖, 都不需要以sarong或毛巾盖来盖去。 Pusat Khidmat Kinrara imposed no attire restrictions. You are welcome with mini skirts or pants, sleeveless and whatsoever you feel comfortable in, as long as you aren’t naked. You will not be served with sarong nor towel on. We respect your liberty and your dress code freedom. Occasionally, I also enjoy light and simple to wear, I think, if it’s not exposed, naked, no matter male or female, we should accept their fundamental rights. Skirts and short-sleeved storm recently got to the point of boiling, which launched on woman no respect for ingredients, never mind, you can rest assured to Jin Luan district State Member Service Center.

Here, we respect your rights, whether you wear shorts, short skirts, short sleeves, need not use sarong or towel to cover.

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Ridhuan Tee: Why not just don underwear to church?

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Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin lecturer Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah had took Kinrara DAP to task for mocking the dress code imposed by various federal government agencies. “These people are uncivilised. No religion allows anyone who wear provocative clothes. “Perhaps they should enter churches or temples with just their underwear if they don’t believe in dressing etiquette,” Ridhuan Tee told Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s website (Ismaweb).

The job of government departments is to serve the public, not to harass people over their attire. ‪#‎MySinchew‬ ‪#‎DressCode‬ Need to review government dress codes | MySinchew
My SinChew's photo.

— 30 June 2015 Malay Mail Online Why cry harassment when you dress sexily? Ridhuan Tee asks women

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Controversial lecturer Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah suggested today that women who dress “inappropriately” should not complain if they are sexually harassed for their attire. The Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin lecturer also chided those who raised the issue of dress codes in public spaces, claiming it was a smear campaign against Islam to make Malaysia appear like it was being ruled by Afghanistan fundamentalist group Taliban. “I often see those who like to wear clothes that show their armpits and wear pants that are too short, until I can see everything that is explicit and implicit,” Tee said in his column in Malay daily Sinar Harian. “What are they trying to show? [But] when they get groped, they get angry! What is all this! Are you trying to show off?” Tee added that he does not like seeing “women parts” exposed in such a manner as it makes him want to “vomit”. He then questioned why some women enjoy donning such revealing attire. “Aren’t they afraid of being bitten by insects?” he said. Tee also criticised the government offices that apologised for imposing restrictions on dressing, asking if their apologies meant they would only take action if the “ultra kiasu” come to their offices naked. “Ultra kiasu” is a term Tee popularised initially to refer to members of opposition party DAP but he has since applied it to other groups, including Christians and Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese. – See more at:

29 June 2015 “No, you can’t come in. Got long pants, ah?” Lady lawyer was stopped by a security guard on duty at the Federal Territories Director of Land and Mines’ office. Free Malaysia Today

Dress code is ‘ridiculous’, says lawyer denied entry to office

June 29, 2015

Katy Chan asked by security guard if she had a pair of pants to wear instead.


PETALING JAYA: A lawyer whose skirt was deemed too short was denied entry into a government office by a security guard who enquired if she had a pair of pants instead that she could wear to gain entry. Speaking to the Malay Mail Online, Katy Chan explained how she was stopped by a security guard on duty at the Federal Territories Director of Land and Mines’ office last Friday as she was registering herself for a visitor’s pass. “I did not argue with him. For me the guard was merely doing his job but the so-called dress code I would say is rather outdated as nothing that I was wearing is ‘menjolok mata’ (revealing). She added, “Not allowing someone who is not inappropriately dressed from entering the building even if they are under official duty is ridiculous.” Chan told the news portal that a notice regarding the dress code was posted at the guardhouse in which it clearly stated that skirts and dresses must end at the knee level. The lawyer said her skirt was “almost touching” her knees, although her knees could still be seen. She explained that she was not asked to don a sarong or shawl, as two Malay Mail Online reporters had to at the office of the National Archives, but said she did not relish the thought of making a return trip to the office to collect documents on her client’s behalf.

‘Indecent’ dressing: speaks to Malaysians on the street on what they think

Look out for ‘s interview with fellow Malaysians tomorrow, on what they consider as “indecent” dressing.

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‘Indecent’ dressing: Malaysians weigh in on what they think


KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — So what is “indecent” dressing? While knee-length skirts appear to violate the dress codes at some government departments, office attire of that length are ubiquitous in Malaysia, with shorts and short flirty dresses a common sight too on our streets.

– See more at:

1 Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, Malaysian gymnast, in focus: What should Malaysian Muslim women wear? za 2#saronggate #Malaysia. ALL OVER MALAYSIA? 3 #saronggate #Malaysia. At the JPJ or the Selayang Municipal Council: Will you be humiliated, too? zb — —


Have heard me, even the clinic is limited??
“下次到診所,請勿穿短褲,要穿長褲或超過膝蓋的服裝。” 一名蔡姓女子週五與姐姐陪同婆婆,到文德甲醫療診所做身體檢查時,被該診所一名印裔女護士,提出如此要求。 “我沒有穿著暴露,診所也沒有衣著指南的指示…

看来这个国家生病了,而且是末期的那种! 他妈的!我是来医院给医生看病的,不是叫你们看我的穿着,不如叫那些躺床上的病患者全部穿牛仔裤不是更好,真的有够Stupid!
我们全力支持民联 2 We Fully Support PR 2's photo.
看来这个国家生病了,而且是末期的那种! 他妈的!我是来医院给医生看病的,不是叫你们看我的穿着,不如叫那些躺床上的病患者全部穿牛仔裤不是更好,真的有够Stupid! 大力share出去,让更多人知道我们有个sohai的政府! See More
This country is sick, and that at the end of it! Fucking! I came to the hospital to the doctor, not you see me wearing, than patients who lay on the bed all wear jeans not better, really have enough Stupid! Strong share out and let more people know about our sohai Government! “The next time you visit the clinic, please do not wear shorts, wear trousers or over knee outfits. ” A woman surnamed CAI Friday with sister, accompanied by her mother-in-law, Wdj medical clinic medical examination, was an Indian by the clinic nurse, made such a request. “I don’t have scantily, the clinic did not dress, guide signs, so when she was persuaded, I have no response, after the family and left. ”

IS THIS SKIRT TOO SHORT? za A screengrab of the lady’s brown knee-length skirt, was allegedly denied entry into the court complex by a security guard. Star

Thursday June 25, 2015 MYT 4:16:59 PM

Now, woman denied entry to Penang court because skirt too short

GEORGE TOWN: The ‘short skirts’ and bare legs controversy has travelled up north, where a woman has been denied entry into the Balik Pulau court complex. In a posting made Thursday morning and going viral on Facebook, a woman, depicted wearing a brown knee-length skirt, was allegedly denied entry into the court complex by a security guard. The caption of the photo said: “My colleague was denied entry into the Balik Pulau Mahkamah yesterday morning by a security guard because her skirt was too short. And all she wanted to do, was to certify some documents by the Commissioner of Oaths. Really? This is too short?” The Star is trying to get in touch with the woman involved for more information.

【北马】 zt 这场风波纯属误会! 槟岛浮罗法庭禁止女性穿短裙入内的风波其实并非今天方出现的问题,法庭保安人员向记者透露,法庭布告版上已明文规定:所有穿短裙短裤及圆领衣服的男女皆不可进入法庭以示尊重。 据一名不愿透露姓名的保安人员告诉《光华日报》,一般上有关人士若只是在楼下办理手续,包括会见宣誓官,他们并不会刻意拦阻,只有上楼进入审讯厅范围他们才会阻止。

“Northern horse” Luo Court forbidding women to wear skirts, Penang Island floating inside the storm are not problems today, court security officer told reporters, the Court has expressly provided on the notice board: all wear short skirts shorts and t clothing for men and women are not entering the Court a sign of respect. According to a security officer on condition of anonymity told the Guang Hua daily, generally if people concerned just check in downstairs, including meeting with sworn officers, they will not deliberately stop only went upstairs and enter the courtroom area they will be blocked.

Pahang Muslim women could be jailed up to a year for not dressing ‘decently’ during

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In Pahang, Muslim women in ‘too short’, ‘too tight’ dresses can go to jail

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KUALA LUMPUR — In the latest sign of what appears to be growing religious fundamentalism in Malaysia, Pahang’s Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) has said Muslim women must dress “decently” during Ramadan or risk being jailed a year or fined up to RM2,000 (S$715). According to Malaysian media reports yesterday, Mr Mohd Anis Azmi, head of investigation at JAIP, said Muslim women should avoid wearing dresses that are too short or tight during the fasting month. He reportedly said checks at a few Ramadan bazaars have shown many Muslim women dressed “inappropriately”. “They should refrain from wearing revealing dresses in respect of the holy month,” Mr Anis was quoted saying. “This is a warning for the public before we start our operations against the offenders soon. JAIP cannot set a benchmark on what is decent attire, as what is decent to me may not be considered so to others,” he said. — Malay Mail Online

Praising shame game on woman gymnast, Islamist group vows end to ‘haram’ sports

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 ― Islamist group Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia (HTM) has applauded the person who started the snowball of criticism against champion gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi for wearing a leotard that showed off her “vagina shape” during the SEA Games, adding that such “haram” sports would be barred under a caliphate. The local chapter of the international hardline Islamist group also told the authorities to punish Muslim men and women who do not cover their “aurat” in sports, even in events such as swimming, saying it was a religious obligation to do so. “Praises must be given to the servant of Allah who gave criticism on this issue, although obviously the one who gave the criticism was then criticised by Farah herself and her supporters,” the group said in a post on its website yesterday. “This is not a question of judging, but the question of preventing wrongdoings because it is an obligation for every Muslim, and for the State it is obligatory to take action through punishments.” HTM said defenders of Farah Ann proved that some Muslims have been poisoned by ideas of freedom from the West, where winning gold medals and bringing pride to the country is considered more important than covering up.

The group, which wishes to establish an Islamic caliphate in Malaysia, claimed that sports with “haram”, or forbidden elements, will never be allowed in a caliphate, and their athletes will be punished if found to be participating in such sports. “Muslims are known to participate in ‘sports’ such as archery, horseriding, swimming, swordplay and so on, all of them done within the frame of performing jihad in the path of Allah,” it said, using the Arabic word that means “holy struggle”. “[They are] not like the sports of these days which bring humans further away from Allah,” it added. – See more at:

Fashion police creating confusion

Anith and Vanessa after their visit to the National Archives on June 10.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — Recent incidents of security guards taking on the role of fashion police has created a furore among the public. Two Malay Mail reporters share their run-in with the self-appointed fashion police when they went to the National Archives in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim to gather information for stories they were working on in two separate incidents. All they wanted was information — instead they were asked to don a sarung songket first. …
On Anith’s second visit on June 10, two weeks after the first encounter with the fashion police, she was accompanied by colleague Vanessa Ee-Lyn Gomes. Anith registered at the guardhouse for both. While walking in, they felt they were being watched. ‘’Perhaps, it was the way we were dressed —  I was in a grey dress and a white and red cardigan, while Anith was in a black dress with knee-high socks,” Vanessa said. Walking into the research area, the receptionist asked them in Bahasa Malaysia, “How did you get in here with that dress? How come the guard at the main gate didn’t stop you? You’re not allowed to enter the building because your dress length is above your knees.” A second receptionist suggested the two wear kain songket before entering the research area. She then gave them two songkets to wear. “When we asked why, she replied it was normal in government buildings and that the dress code was displayed in the guardhouse,” Vanessa said. Anith, familiar with the earlier sarung episode, said: “I expected to be given another songket and shawl but they only requested me to cover my legs. I asked why I was made to wear a shawl on my previous visit.” “The dress you wore must have been low-cut, so the shawl was to drape around your shoulders,” Anith was told. The girls asked her to take a picture of them. Before snapping the photo, she said, “Don’t put this in the newspaper okay? If you want to post it on Instagram, it is okay but not for the paper.” She then proceeded to direct them where to stand to get the best photos. – See more at:

— Malay Mail Online

Dress code rows show Malaysia’s descent towards religious rule


KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — The increasingly frequent imposition of conservative dress codes at government agencies here suggests that religious conservatism could supplant Malaysia’s secular administration and drive the country towards theocratic rule as seen in Iran and Saudi Arabia. While media coverage of incidents at the Road Transport Department (RTD), the Selangor state secretariat and the Sg Buloh public hospital have elicited criticism of the agencies by the English-speaking audience, the reverse is true in Malay. On social media, Malay-speaking users have instead targeted the women barred from entry over their attire, which include knee-length skirts, dresses and, in one instance, shorts. “My view is that if these unhealthy developments are not checked by the government, our secular state and our secular Federal Constitution are at risk,” Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin told Malay Mail Online yesterday. “If we don’t take action now to arrest this trend, we may end up like those two countries,” the former Sessions Court judge added, referring to the Islamic states of Iran and Saudi Arabia. …

Noor Farida is part of the so-called G25, a group of former Malay high-ranking civil servants that is pressing Putrajaya to assert the supremacy of the Federal Constitution over Islamic state laws in the country. She said the dress codes at public institutions appeared to indicate a “pervasive” religious conservatism among many Malay-Muslims, especially if their criticisms were directed towards the women who broke the dress codes. “Yes, there seems to be a divide in our society between the conservative Muslims and the liberal Muslims and non-Muslims. In my view, part of the reason for the growing conservatism is the way Islam is taught in schools, mosques, religious gatherings and the media,” she said. – See more at:

The Dispute Over Attires –How To Overcome The Barrier For To Compete?

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The 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore recently came to a close. But it certainly has opened up a big controversy – our female athletes, especially Muslims, are yet again condemned for donning attires that are deemed as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘revealing’ in some particular sports, namely gymnastics. The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has specific rules regarding a gymnasts’ attire and these rules regulate leotards worn by all gymnasts at international competitions. Loose fitting clothes are usually banned, as it may become snagged or trapped on apparatus. The outfits called leotards for both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics events usually come in all fabrics and styles, and usually gymnasts would don more flamboyant ones with glitter and crystals to standout during competitions. As Muslims, it is essential for one to cover their ‘aurat’, which refers to among other things, one’s private area. This is defined according to Islamic law as the area between the navel and knees for men, and the entire body, except the face and hands, of women. Hence, the issue of the leotards being worn by our Muslim gymnasts in particular became a hot topic for the majority of Muslims in the country. … This year however, excellent in performance but penalised for appearance, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi gets the unlucky brunt of it all, as it happened in the post-games, she was judged by Malaysians over her leotard and not her hard-earned medals. … Read this long article here: —–

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  3. Choo Cw says:

    They are not going to mosque …………or doing praying …………..

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