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Who was the mother who left her baby in the car and went off? In Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

— Just what is the truth of the matter? It is claimed that the child’s mother among those who were frantically trying to rescue the child after the car’s auto lock was accidentally activated? However, Malay Mail Online reported that … Continue reading

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An exhibitionist and others at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

— Naked at Angkor Wat Naked. At World Heritage sites. Naked in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China Nude in Singapore: Could it be the stress and pressure? — Hayden Smith follows N’Drew ‏@ScotJock Apr 13 Spot the difference: A: not everybody … Continue reading

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Watch: Video of AirAsia staff THROWING baggage…

… … Wong Kee Hock My flight AK 775 from kuching to singapore…this is how AIR ASIA STAFF THROW the lugagge…my thing are broken..i myself record this for the eyes of world to see…for all the people …keep ur fragile … Continue reading

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Mohd Saiful Bukhari: To contest in Port Dickson…

29 September 2018 .. Saiful gets a taste of what might await him when he goes on the campaign trail… Have you no shame? – Saiful Bukhari booed at PD nomination centre Have you no shame? – Saiful Bukhari booed … Continue reading

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Leicester City Football Club: Video of RACIST SEX ORGY filmed in Thailand

— QUESTIONS Leicester have sacked James Pearson, Tom Hopper & Adam Smith for ill-discipline during their end-of-season tour. Yes, they have been sacked. Almost everyone is satisfied. Justice is done. However, have we considered these questions? 1. Will James Pearson, … Continue reading

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