Will the FMT report ‘Police abuses entire family’ lead to anything concrete?


Free Malaysia Today

Police abuses entire family

Priscilla Prasena

| October 13, 2013

An entire family has claimed to be abused and humiliated by the police for reasons unknown to them. NGO presses Suhakam to investigate the incident


KUALA LUMPUR: An Indian family from the Jinjang longhouse settlement seeks justice over an arrest due to some drugs which were found in their neighbour’s premises.

A police report was made yesterday at the Dang Wangi police station against the Jinjang Utara police unit for what they claim to be police brutality against her family.

G. Allagamah, 38, related the incident to FMT where her family suffered an ordeal in the police lock-up upon a raid by the police to both her house and her neighbour’s.

Their ordeal started when the police officers returned through the same door which they broke through bringing somewhat they claim to be drugs and asked Allagamah on how the drugs had got into her neighbour’s house.

“I was puzzled and explained that the drugs were found in my neighbour’s house and not mine,” she said.

While trying to explain, she was slapped by a female officer and without further explanations, Allagamah was arrested along with her husband, her eldest son and her son-in law’s cousin.

“We were handcuffed and brought to the Jinjang police station witnessed by our neighbourhood,” she said in tears.

Allagamah related her ordeal in the police station where they were held up for six days without being produced in court.

She was held separately in the females’ lock-up away from her son, husband and relative where she claimed that she was harassed by the police officers.

Read the whole report in    Police abuses entire family


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