Ukraine has sunk the Russian Cruiser Moskva (Moscow) in the Black Sea




  • Satellite images show pride of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet while vessels are scrambled to rescue those onboard
  • The Soviet-era Moskva warship is seen burning in the Black Sea in radar before sinking on April 13 
  • Ukraine claims it launched a missile attack on the warship and killed all 500 onboard including captain 
  • The Moskva’s sinking this week has been a huge blow to Russian military prestige 

By Jack Wright and Chris Jewers For Mailonline

Published: 11:19 BST, 16 April 2022 | Updated: 16:51 BST, 16 April 2022

Satellite images show the pride of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet burning while other vessels are scrambled to rescue those onboard before it sank after it was struck by Ukrainian missiles in an attack which Kyiv has claimed killed all 510 crew on-board including its captain. 

Radar satellite imagery of the northern Black Sea on April 13 appears to pinpoint the Soviet-era Moskva warship, which Ukraine said was struck by two Neptune cruise missiles fired by one of its batteries near the port city of Odesa. Other vessels are also seen in attendance, with reports suggesting they are rescue vessels. 

Naval News found the Moskva in satellite imagery that employed synthetic aperture radar (SAR), technology that can ‘see’ through clouds. The satellite which took the image passed over the area at around 6.30pm local time on Wednesday, the publication said.

It pinpointed the coordinates of a ship matching the Russian vessel and its dire situation to 45°10’43.39″N, 30°55’30.54″E – a position east of Snake Island in the Black Sea, 80 nautical miles from Odesa and 50 nautical miles away from the closest stretch of Ukrainian coastline.

‘Based on analysis by multiple people, we are confident that this shows Moskva’s final hours,’ Naval News said in its report. It added that Ukraine’s claim that it struck the vessel with two Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles would be possible on account of the Moskva being in-range of such weaponry.

It also said that the position of the huge warship matches its previous location patterns since it was positioned off the coast of Ukraine when Russian President Vladimir Putin first launched his brutal invasion on February 24. Naval News added that the location was ‘very close’ to where it was spotted in other satellite imagery on April 12.

Analysis of the satellite image also found other vessels in the water around the Moskva, suggesting Russia launched a rescue mission to save the crew of the ship that it said was sunk by a fire on board, which resulted in ammunition exploding. Moscow has made no mention of a Ukrainian attack.



‘To the sailors’: Relatives of doomed Moskva crew defy Russian censors with unofficial memorial – as Ukraine claims ALL 510 aboard died and US confirms missile DID hit Putin flagship which was ‘carrying nuclear weapons’

  • Ukraine said it launched missile strike on the Moskva from the coast near Odesa
  • This, Kyiv says, ripped open the Soviet-era Black Sea warship, causing it to sink
  • Russia last night admitted to the ship’s sinking, but said it was caused by a fire
  • Conflicting reports have been released, but Ukraine today claimed that all 510 sailors on board the vessel were killed. Russia said they were evacuated
  • However, today a unofficial memorial service was held in Sevastopol, Crimea 

By Will Stewart and Chris Jewers and Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 19:20 BST, 15 April 2022 | Updated: 09:39 BST, 16 April 2022

The relatives of the doomed crew of Russia’s Black Sea flagship Moskva defied Russian censors to hold an unofficial memorial today, as Ukraine claimed that all 510 servicemen onboard died – including the ship’s captain.

Kyiv‘s claim came after the United States confirmed its belief that Ukraine did in fact launch a missile strike against the Soviet-era missile cruiser, which Russia’s defence ministry confirmed had sank on Thursday night because of a fire on board.

Ukraine said it launched a missile strike on the Moskva from the coast, which ripped open the Soviet-era ship. Russian news agencies cited the defence ministry on Thursday as admitted that the vessel sank in stormy seas after what it said was a fire and explosions involving ammunition stowed onboard.

Russia had earlier tried to downplay the damage, and claimed that the Moskva was still afloat and was returning to port under its own steam. Moscow also announced that the crew had been evacuated onto other Black Sea Fleet vessels.  

A senior U.S. official said Friday, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the two missiles were Neptune anti-ship missiles. The U.S. believes there were Russian casualties, though numbers are unclear, the official added.

With the conflicting reports continuing, a moving ‘mourning ceremony’ was held for the Moskva and its sailors in Sevastopol, its home port.

It was unofficial but there was no mention of the number who had died, yet it seemed clear from this sombre ceremony presided over by a priest that there had been a significant loss of life.

A wreath was placed by a Black Fleet statue which read: ‘To the ship and the sailors’.

Russia claims all the Moskva’s sailors were ‘successfully evacuated’ but video taken in Sevastopol overnight shows dozens of cars purportedly belonging to the sailors still parked in the port – suggesting their owners had not returned to collect them. 

Rumours have also began circulating in Ukrainian media that Admiral Igor Osipov – the commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet which the Moskva led – has been arrested in what would be the latest in a string of detentions linked to the bungled invasion.




Kyiv sank ‘Moscow’ and the Russians are furious. In response to the sinking of the warship ‘Moskva,’ state TV pundits and hosts propose bombing Kyiv, destroying Ukraine’s railways and making it impossible for any world leaders to visit in the future.



Replying to


If she’s been sunk, the Moskva will be the biggest warship lost since WW2: at 12,490 tons she’s bigger than Argentina’s General Belgrano, sunk by the Royal Navy in 1982. /2

Apart from the symbolism of her likely loss, she’s of great military value as a platform for air defence and missile bombardment of land targets. Her loss is of great significance to both sides. /3

She will likely be irreplaceable – the only ship of her class, built in Ukraine (!) in 1979. Russia can’t transfer warships from elsewhere to replace her as Turkey has closed the Bosphorus to military traffic. /4







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