Malaysia: Hospital Selayang security rapped for denying entry to woman wearing ‘short skirt’ (which was one inch above the knee)!






Published:  Mar 18, 2022 3:44 PM

Updated: 5:12 PM

A Selayang Hospital security personnel has been reprimanded after she prevented a woman from entering the hospital’s Emergency Department for wearing a skirt above her knee, said Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

In a tweet this afternoon, Noor Hisham said personnel had been told to practice “appropriate communication” when dealing with patients and their next-of-kin.

“The Selayang Hospital’s Security Department has taken action to improve its service by reprimanding the security personnel, that she has to adopt appropriate communication procedures when dealing with patients and next of kin so that such incident will not happen again,” he Tweeted.

Noor Hisham’s statement came in response to a series of tweets by the woman who goes by Twitter handle @elizanathaniel, after it was brought to the Health Ministry’s attention by a non-government organisation.

On March 16, Eliza posted on Twitter that she had gone to the Selayang Hospital Emergency Department to see her father, who was rushed there for an unspecified medical emergency. However, security personnel there prevented her from going in to see her father because she was “deemed dressed inappropriately”.

“Some people came in with shorter shorts. But I was called out “Amoi kenapa pakai skirt, cepatlah amoi… The s**t is that? This is an emergency! AN EMERGENCY. Did you think I thought about what I need to wear when my father is in an emergency situation?

“I cannot even brain the need to deny someone during emergency. What if he is dying, and this is the last time I get to see him? Because I was (wearing a skirt) one inch above the knee?” she tweeted.


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