Will Russia’s Ruble, gold held by Russia and China’s Yuan together rival the US dollar?


A recent article, with no author’s name, claims that because of the need for Russia’s energy, the USA and Europe will have to accept Russia’s demand for gold, ruble or RMB (Yuan). This would erode the power of the US Dollar.

I think it is wishful thinking.

1 The writer fails to understand that to buy or sell gold, you have to use the US Dollar. If Russia demands good for its oil and gas, that makes the US Dollar necessary and enhances its role and importance.

While the US Dollar is not tied to the value of gold, the price of gold is tied to the value of the US Dollar.

Key Takeaways

  • Gold has been the standard of value throughout history and remains a highly desired asset today.
  • As a commodity, the value of gold changes with supply, demand, and market sentiment.
  • The dollar is not tied to the value of gold, but gold’s price is linked to the dollar’s value.



2 The article assumes that the US and Europe are so highly dependent on Russia’s gas and oil (and other resources) that they must buy from Russia.

March 9, 2022: The USA won’t buy Russian energy. In fact, it has put a ban on imports of Russian energy.



This is the article:

Russia officially announced that all energy transactions in Russia only accept gold, renminbi and rubles, and do not accept any other currencies.

This is equivalent to Russia’s domestic energy cutting off all transactions with the United States and Europe. In a word, I will not sell it.

Unless the United States and Europe take RMB to buy, but is it possible? impossible! Because the amount is too large, if the United States and Europe do this, the status of the renminbi will rise immediately, not to mention exceeding it, it will definitely be on an equal footing with the dollar and the euro.

Cutting off the supply of resources is something that the former Soviet Union did not dare to do. Even during the most brutal period of the Cold War, the former Soviet Union did not stop energy transactions with Europe. This is the first time in history.

Now, the price of natural gas in Europe from the United States is several times the price of Russian natural gas. Europeans can bear it for a few months. It will always be this price in the future, and even the price of the United States will be higher and higher. Can Europe stand it?

Not to mention oil, in the future, all of Europe’s natural gas will depend entirely on the United States. No matter how ugly Russia is in the end, Europe’s economy is finished and absolutely collapsed.

Now it depends on how many times the United States has raised the price of natural gas on the current basis, and now the high-priced natural gas sold by the United States to Europe is still bought by the United States in Russia and then resold to Europe. Knowing that after Russia has released the peace bomb, the United States will not be able to provide natural gas to Europe after it can not do the business of buying and selling.

Now that China is really pulling Russia, I wonder if the US and UK are really pulling Europe.

Natural gas is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the land in Europe is extremely scarce in resources. Without Russia, it cannot develop at all. In fact, in the world competition for hegemony, Europe is the weakest, with a small area and no resources. It depends on being the first to enter the industrial revolution and stay behind A little bit of technological leadership, but no self-knowledge.

There are now 4 roads in Europe:

  1. European coalition forces attack Russia to occupy the entire territory of Russia;
  2. Obediently use RMB to buy Russian resources, making the world currency officially enter the tripartite mode;
  3. Use gold to buy Russian energy, so that the world’s gold is hoarded in Russia. From then on, the ruble = gold, and the world enters the ruble hegemony mode;
  4. European coalition forces to occupy other countries with resources.

Even if Europe understands with Russia this time, Russia will have the upper hand in the face of Russia-Europe relations from now on, the world pattern has begun to change, and Europe has been officially kicked out of the arena for world hegemony.



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