Half-truths and lies: How Covid-19 misinformation spreads in S’pore, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


Half-truths and lies: How Covid-19 misinformation spreads in S’pore

Linette Lai and Clara Chong

  • Published Oct 20, 2021, 5:00 am SGT


One website fuelling the issue is Healing the Divide, started by Ms Iris Koh, 45, who said she did so to fill an information gap.

“I didn’t plan to be doing what I’m doing now. As I started speaking up, many people starting approaching me and talking to me because they too are very concerned and worried and they don’t know who to voice their concerns to.”

She shares the information and stories on WhatsApp, several Telegram groups, her YouTube channel and the website.

Another such group calls itself Truth Warriors, which shares links to articles produced by several foreign doctors and overseas groups that have been discredited by organisations such as the CDC.

It describes itself as a “community repository of evidence-based information on global developments surrounding Covid-19”, sharing information on SG Suspected Vaccine Injuries and SG Covid La Kopi Telegram groups.

On Oct 15, the Ministry of Health had to refute claims by Truth Warriors that anti-parasitic drug ivermectin is safe and effective for treating Covid-19.

Healing the Divide Discussion – with nearly 3,000 members – was criticised when it suggested people flood the National Care Hotline with calls.

The Ministries of Health and Social and Family Development warned that it will take action against people who disrupt essential call centre operations or encourage others to do so.

Experts advised users of social media to be careful and responsible with what they share, and check the context in which it was written as well as whether it is corroborated by other sources.

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