Nicky Liow and his mentor, Zhang Jian


Only jail for Zhang Jian, the ‘future richest man in the world’…




Police Discovered That Dato Sri Nicky Liow Was Mentored By Zhang Jian

by Rachel ChuahApril 5, 2021

Dato Sri Nicky Liow Soon Hee didn’t spring fully formed into the criminal enterprise. Surprisingly, Liow had a mentor.

In an effort to shut down Liow’s empire, the Johor police have been untangling his web and scouring his relationships. They discovered that Chinese businessman Zhang Jian was Liow’s mentor.

Zhang Jian used to run a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. He claimed to be “the world’s richest man in the future”. However, in 2017, Zhang was arrested in Indonesia and sent back to China. His arrest came on the heels of being suspected of running get-rich-quick schemes. At that point, he was also wanted by several neighbouring countries.

Liow benefited a lot from his relationship with Zhang. According to The Star, Liow’s first break came when he got the opportunity to head a major Macau scam founded by Zhang. And even while Zhang is in prison, he’s been helping Liow. Thanks to Zhang’s arrangements, Liow was able to form connections with various triads.

In return, Liow has been been regularly sending money to support Zhang’s family. Aside from using money to curry favours with his “master”, Liow also used it to increase his charm via his public donations. According to FMT, one beneficiary found it difficult to reconcile “Malaysia’s youngest philanthropist” with his criminal background.

Clearly, Liow thought his wealth and connections made him invulnerable. Yet, he is now wanted by the police.

Sources: China Press, The Star, Free Malaysia Today


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