Mariam Mokhtar: Under what circumstances will you consider a non-Malay as PM?


Under what circumstances will you consider a non-Malay as PM?

There is NOTHING in the constitution to say that Malaysian Prime ministers must be Malay.

The ultra-nationalists demand PMs be Malay and some non-Malays, who have been conditioned  by fear, agree with them. 

All our PMs were pseudo-Malays with Thai, Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian blood coursing through their veins. You also know which pseudo-Malay PMs betrayed us.

Malay politicians want to lead the nation, but they keep talking about “I want to be a leader who will be known as someone who will defend the Malays and protect Islam.”

Look at how Mercedes-Islam has corrupted the politicians in Kelantan.

Look at the Malay PMs and chairmen of GLCs who stole from the rakyat and the GLCs?

Look at how they collude amongst themselves to get rich and simultaneously destroy the environment by raping our natural resources.

Look at how they mistreat the Orang Asli of Malaysia

Look at some former Attorney-Generals, IGPs and heads of Civil Servants who looked after their own interests and not the rakyat’s.

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