Fake news: Muhyiddin received something else, not the Covid-19 vaccine. Fact check: He received the Covid-19 vaccine.


During Muhyiddin’s injection, nurse matron Lina Ibrahim was seen drawing the vaccine from a vial into a syringe using a needle with a blue hub.

She then changed the needle to one with an orange hub before injecting it into Muhyiddin’s left upper arm.

Health Ministry debunks conspiracy theory on PM’s Covid-19 vaccine jab

Published 25 Feb 2021, 12:15 pm

Less than a day after Muhyiddin Yassin received his first Covid-19 vaccine injection, conspiracy theorists swung into action by claiming the prime minister was given something else.

This is after they pointed out that the needle used to draw from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine vial had a blue hub while the needle used to inject the prime minister had an amber hub.

The Health Ministry explained that using the same needle used to draw from the vaccine vial, which is a larger one, for injection would entail a painful experience.

“The different colour needles mean different bore sizes.

“The (blue) needle used to aspirate from the vial is bigger in size to ensure smooth extraction.

“The smaller bore size needle (red or orange) for inoculation ensures less pain and bruise,” it said in a media statement, adding that using different needles also prevents cross-contamination between patients.

The ministry assured that changing needles did not affect the vaccine inside the syringe.

“The vaccine drawn from the vial and given to the patient is unchanged,” it said.






The ministry explained that a large bore needle is used to draw the vaccine from the vials, which hold several doses, but the same needle would cause unnecessary pain if used on the patient.

A second, smaller needle is instead used to administer the vaccine to minimise discomfort, as was seen in the case of Muhyiddin’s public vaccination yesterday.

“The different colour needle means different bore size. The needle used to aspirate from the vial is bigger in size (blue) to ensure smooth extraction. Smaller bore size needles (red or orange) are for inoculation to ensure less pain and bruising,” the MoH explained.

“In addition, different needles are required to prevent cross-contamination between patients.



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