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What China says: Here is why Jack Ma is targeted by China…


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Alternatives for those allergic to Covid-19 vaccines…

.. The vaccine alternatives for people with compromised immune systemshttps://t.co/Im9qh8S2mu — Global Health Observ (@GlobalPHObserv) February 7, 2021 https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2021/02/the-vaccine-alternatives-for-people-with-compromised-immune-systems/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2021/02/the-vaccine-alternatives-for-people-with-compromised-immune-systems/ Good news for you if you're allergic to vaccines… pic.twitter.com/1k76qoCMC9 — KittyPooh (@KittyPo80176717) February 7, 2021 ..

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Matariki, Maori New Year’s Day, Friday 24 June 2022: Only in New Zealand…

.. Matariki will be recognised as a public holiday for the first time ever on Friday 24th June 2022, signalling an evolving perception towards Māori culture and customs. The holiday will most likely shift between June and July every year, in accordance … Continue reading

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AmerBON Associates: State of Emergency: What You Need to Know (27 January 2021)…

.. The group filed a suit through AmerBON, Advocates at the KL High Court. They are concerned that the Parliament has been unable to fulfil its constitutional role of debating and voting on the Emergency Ordinance.https://t.co/XKqBj1Gvmi — AmerBON, Advocates (@AmerBON) … Continue reading

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Chinese users rushed to Clubhouse to debate Xinjiang and Taiwan and other controversial topics, but it’s been blocked…

.. https://t.co/9hoLvBlaRY pic.twitter.com/XAsUI1t1eV — KittyPooh (@KittyPo80176717) February 9, 2021 nytimes.com Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021 By Melina Delkic Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China’s government has been ramping up its efforts to assert near-total control over what citizens read and … Continue reading

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QAnon believes that Trump will be sworn in as President on March 4, 2021 and, ultimately, return to power!

.. February 6, 1933 – The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted. It set the date for the Presidential Inauguration as January 20th, instead of the old date of March 4th. It also sets January 3rd as the … Continue reading

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What’s going on, August Teh and MCA?

.. Heard of Honesty? August Teh, Special Officer to Ti Lian Ker, Deputy Minister of National Unity / MCA Shah Alam Youth Chief. What do you think you were hoping to achieve, using the post and pictures of someone else … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s China trade policy: make America great again, not Wall Street | South China Morning Post…

.. SCMP on Biden's Trade policy, China and Wall Street…https://t.co/Sbd0usgMCU — KittyPooh (@KittyPo80176717) February 7, 2021 https://amp.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3120520/joe-bidens-china-trade-policy-make-america-great-again-not

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Israel: Covid-19, vaccination and treatment…

.. .. Coronavirus Israel Live: New Cases Hit Lowest Point in Five Weeks Israel to reopen schools in areas with low COVID infection, high vaccination rates starting Thursday ■ Israel demands negative test for inoculated arrivals Despite an extensive vaccination … Continue reading

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Dr Lee Chew Kiok: From pioneer in combating Covid-19 to patient…

.. .. To be clear, Dr Lee didn't write the protocols on her own. A team of specialists came up with the treatment protocols used in Covid hospitals today. Dr Lee was one of them. — Aidila Razak (@aidilarazak) February … Continue reading

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