Warning! Western Quack Doctors Are Endangering Malaysian Lives | Sarawak Report




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2 Responses to Warning! Western Quack Doctors Are Endangering Malaysian Lives | Sarawak Report

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  2. E Lye says:

    01 If a doctor has passed all the tests and has been awarded a license, he is qualified. If they withdraw his license for a contrarian view, that is wrong. The skill doesn’t vanish immediately. The advice might change but then it is up to the patient to accept or find another doctor. IJN reserves the right not to treat me and I exercised the right to seek another.
    02 Being officially certified does not confer divine infallibility. One night I heard my mother wheezing. Her skin was cold. She said she was alright but I decided that we rush her to hospital without waiting for an ambulance. I have no medical qualification but that saved her life as she suffered a heart attack and her lungs were filling with fluid. So take away my licence for having a functioning reasoning brain.
    03 Vaccines do cause harm and only benefit certain strata. Listen to somebody more qualified than your local doctor: Dr Tetyana Obukhanych

    knows her s h i t. Get a crash course and consider the evidence presented.
    04 Eastern countries have lower fatalities than Western countries from Covid-19. The cure is worse than the disease. Infected people are not thrown off condo roofs. Bodies do not float down our rivers. We have 1030 deaths out of a population of 32.5 million. Do the math. What are we going to when when a Level-10 contagion really hits? This is a Train To Busan extinction level contagion. I would be generous and rate Covid-19 a 2 on this scale.
    05 Pandemic is just a definition of a disease that has spread across continents. Dengue is a pandemic. So is Malaria. There is no unholy rush to produce these vaccines. I wonder why? Maybe 8 billion captive customers and annual booster shots has something to do with it. Qui bono?

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