Fake news: The WhatsApp message that is entitled “The story of RM 3 billion to get the COVID-19 vaccine!”


The facts:

Khairy, the science, technology and innovation minister, further said the RM3 billion was for “at least” 50 million doses if double doses are required.

The price for each dose sold to Malaysia is unknown, as Pfizer requires a non-disclosure agreement.



This is the fake news:

The story of RM 3 billion to get the COVID-19 vaccine!

To this day four Ministers responsible for the purchase of this vaccine are still silent following the exposure of the Belgian government.

These people are,

  1. Muhyiddin Yasin,
  2. Tengku Zafrul,
  3. Khairy Jamaluddin and
  4. Adham Baba…..

According to Daily News sources, the Belgian government officially revealed, they only paid RM1 billion for 33 million vaccines from the same supplier purchased by the Malaysian Government.

Unfortunately, the Malaysian government announced that it has paid RM3 billion for only 10 million vaccines.

Who has swallowed another 23 million vaccines? For sale to whom?

If PH era these things never happen!!! But this PN era is such a robbery again!

Let’s make this viral!

Milking Malaysia wealth & Resources again❓


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