Malaysiakini YOURSAY | Ramkarpal excoriating Dr M: No more mincing words…


YOURSAY | Ramkarpal excoriating Dr M: No more mincing words

Published 9:37 am

You’re the last person who can save M’sia – Ramkarpal excoriates Dr M

Capo: DAP leader Ramkarpal Singh, I salute you for this scathing piece on former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The trust for Mahathir was never there in the first place, not before the 14th general election (GE14), not now, not ever.

The Pakatan Harapan coalition won overwhelmingly in GE14 because the electorate trusted the words of its leaders promising change and reforms, and securing PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom being the top agenda and his subsequent pre-agreed ascension to the premiership in two years.

We looked forward to this positive change, but sad to say it never materialised because Mahathir did not keep his word and betrayed us all. All our hard work, and standing in long queues under the hot sun waiting to vote, went down the drain.

You cannot even begin to imagine the rage and wrath that is simmering in us seeing our hard-fought mandate stolen by the very man who stood on countless podiums telling us to vote for Harapan.

Middle Path: Indeed, no more mincing our words when truths need to be told. Black is black, white is white. What Mahathir had done was he was only thinking purely of himself when he resigned as prime minister without even a discussion with his cabinet ministers.

He betrayed all, including the voters who elected Harapan to clean out the mess done by the previous government. At the time, he got too big-headed and thought that the country could not survive without him.

He resigned, hoping to test his popularity. He failed miserably and put the country on a trajectory it is in today.

ThePhoenix: Well, Ramkarpal, nobody could have called a spade, a spade better then you have. There is an obvious difference between what reality demands and what the delusional mind desires.

Your statements have stayed true to reality. Let’s hope when the time calls for action, a greater cross-section of Malaysians will not give in to the desires of the delusional mind.

DragonKing: I admire a politician who stays true to his words and doesn’t bend to the wind of favour. Rightly said, like his late father, Karpal Singh.

We need many more politicians who have backbones and ability to stand up for what they feel is right. Rather than hiding behind the sarong of an old man, who doesn’t think good for the nation and citizens except for himself and only himself.

It is perplexing that there are so many who still believe in this revengeful, cunning and selfish politician.

What a pity state the country is because we still depend on the old guards to run the country, and the young ones only fight for power and wealth, with no idea of how to serve the people.


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