M Murallitharan: The bankruptcy of trust (FMT)…


The bankruptcy of trust

M Murallitharan 
-October 28, 2020 8:20 AMfacebook sharing button 1

Days after the intervention of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and his fellow monarchs in determining that a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic is not in the cards, here is the situation in terms of health.

We continue to have a surge in new Covid-19 cases despite only weeks ago we were looking at the possibility of having zero new cases daily. Meanwhile, Sabah is in dire straits with its already fragile health system threatening to be overwhelmed. The health director-general has already voiced concern that we are looking at an overstretched, distraught, fatigued group of healthcare professionals.

Yet, the pervasive narrative is no longer about us working together to flatten the curve as it was during the early days of the pandemic. Now, on one side, we hear the exhortations and pleas of officials calling for the people “to come together once more” while on the other side, social media is filled with grouses about how SOPs are being enforced poorly or illogically, or even worse, criticisms towards those “in power” who seem to be flouting the public health protocols.

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