Mariam Mokhtar: Happy now, Muhyiddin? Your administration practises double standards.


MM Chides MY On Rakyat’s Agony

Happy now Muhyiddin? Your administration practises double standards. The price for your ‘gila-kuasa’, is the health & well-being of the rakyat and the nation’s economy. The Sheraton and Musa Aman moves, were your brainchildren. When ‘menteri jaga poket’, the rakyat suffers.

By Mariam Mokhtar/October 07, 2020

Muhyiddin Yassin may claim that his administration does not practise double standards, but we know otherwise.

We also know that his administration is in deep trouble. His nationwide broadcast, was a futile exercise in damage control. There is a connection between the spike and the actions of irresponsible politicians. Was the price for the lust for power, worth it?

His ministers are incompetent fools. They break the rules and rarely observed the Coronavirus SOP. Was it necessary for most of them to travel to Sabah?

The other incompetent named Ismail Sabri, said the situation was “under control”. Of course he would say that, to enable PN politicians to freely enter Sabah to campaign.

Anyone returning from Sabah need not be quarantined.

In the video, Muhyiddin said that illegals from a neighbouring country was responsible for spreading the disease. The role caused by him and his politicians whilst campaigning, was downplayed.

There is also no need for him to blame the Governor of Sabah because the fault allegedly lies with the PN government.

A former Chief Minister, Musa Aman, was acquitted of all 46 corruption and money-laundering charges, and together with Muhyiddin, both he and Musa allegedly masterminded the downfall of the Sabah state government.

The Sabah state election should not have happened in the first place. It was a waste of funds, and the heavy price paid, is the lives and health of the rakyat. Shafie Apdal had no choice but to call for elections.

Muhyiddin joked about caning the rakyat. Why doesn’t he start with his ministers? They were complacent and the fool from Perak, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, is just good for talking. He told the rakyat not to blame ministers for the spike in Coronavirus cases. Why should anyone believe Ahmad Faizal, who lied about his fake degree and about other things in government? The people of Perak deserve better, and is best to get rid of this good-for-nothing politician.

Back to Muhyiddin, who claims that his administration does not practise double standards. Why is the PAS minister, Khairuddin Aman Razali still not charged? It is almost two months since his return from Turkey and his case is still “under investigation.” Does Muhyiddin think that we will forget about Khairuddin?

Talk is cheap. Why does Muhyiddin not order the police and the Attorney General to charge Khairuddin? Moreover, Khairuddin is making him look more the clown, than the badut Najib.

Muhyiddin’s actions and complacency have put frontliners and the public at risk because of the greed of selfish and reckless PN politicians. Last March, he mentioned in his nationwide broadcast that he wanted to “save” Malaysia. If is obvious that he only wanted to save his skin.

All for more power and glory!


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