Rahim Zainun on why Malaysia is in such a mess…


When I was in secondary school, all top scorer malay students – those with straight A results – were sent to premier, fully residential schools, the likes of MCKK, TKC, Alam Shah, SDAR, Tun Fatimah. These students were given good study facilities, good food (some even have cheese for breakfast, something I never had as a kampong boy).

Then came the second class students – like me – we were sent to good, partially residential school; in Kedah, its either Ibrahim Sch Sungai Petani or, Kolej Sultan Abd Hamid Alor Setar. Food? Ayam, ikan jeket, no cheese.

The biasa biasa students would continue their studies in the hometown secondary schools, or in some cases they go to pondok or madrasah schools.

When the MCE results came out, most students in the premier residential schools were sent to England, Australia or US to continue with their A levels, then into universities there, graduated in sciences, architecture, engineering, accounting, came back, and serve the government in various technical capacities and departments.

For the second class students – its the same thing, some were sent overseas, some continued locally, graduated, and serve the government in various technical positions.

The biasa biasa students, some of them continued to the local universities, graduate, became teachers, and some, became officers in the government’s PTD; they became policies implimentors and admin officers, controlling and managing those technical officers who used to be top students during their form five days.

Some biasa biasa students became local politicians, and after a few years, became rich, nominated to be MDs and chairman of various GLCs, employing engineers who graduated from top UK universities (on government scholarships).

The pondok students struggled to continue their studies in Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi. They came back, became religious teachers, some opened up their own religious schools, and some ventured into politics.

These are the people, somehow rather, after they came back from Egypt, Pakistan or Jordan, they acquired the authority to tell all the rest: you go to heaven and you will rot in hell…….who can beat that..???

Ever wonder why the country is in such a mess?

Rahim Zainun


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