Covid-19 at several Klang Valley malls cause concern…


Add Sunway Nexis to the list…





She named Sunway Pyramid, The LINK KL, KL Gateway Mall, Suria KLCC and NU Sentral.

Covid Scares In Multiple Klang Valley Malls Cause Concern

8 hours ago
Anne Dorall

In recent days, multiple malls in the Klang Valley have put up announcements for Covid-19 alerts, for shoppers or staff who have tested positive and visited the malls.

This includes prominent malls such as Sunway Pyramid, with one staff at its flagship Nike outlet confirmed with Covid-19; The LINC KL, which was visited by Covid-19 positive parents at the Trinity Kids playschool; KL Gateway Mall, which had an individual (who has since tested negative) in close contact with a Covid-19 patient who returned from Sabah; Suria KLCC, which was visited by a Covid-19 positive gym member to make use of its Babel Fit branch.

It is even more worrisome as all these malls announced the Covid-19 cases within days of each other, sparking fears of new clusters that could spread quickly within the Klang Valley.

After all, as we have learnt from experience, all it takes is just one superspreader to cause an outbreak.

Residents are urged to maintain constant vigilance in following SOPs such as wearing face masks and using hand-sanitizer, and to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

If at all necessary to visit a shopping mall, you should first check for announcements if there has been recent visits from Covid-19 positive cases.


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