Sarawak Report: Has UMNO changed?


“UMNO Have Changed”?!

Sabah Umno leader Bung Moktar Radin insists that Umno and BN have changed and are committed to a fairer, transparent, and trustworthy administration that will deliver on its promises to the people.

At the launch of his coalition’s Aku Janji campaign manifesto, he also asked the people to help save Sabah from the ‘disaster’ that was wrought by Chief Minister Shafie Apdal’s two years at the helm.

“We have tried this manifesto Aku Janji after seeing the new political norms not only in the peninsula but also in Sabah.

“We need to give something new to the people because the people of Sabah have suffered under the rule of Warisan for more than two years.

“Today, I would also like to explain that Sabah Umno and BN – we have changed. From our leadership, to skills, to our organisation.

“Why have we changed? Because we want to capture the hearts of the people and we want to convince the people to support us,” said Bung.Source: “UMNO Have Changed”?!, malaysiakini

Our comment

This from the leader of a party that just last month was fully engaged in trying to stage yet another backdoor coup in the state, approaching state MPs with offers of millions and bags of cash to get them to defect from the parties they were elected to support.

This from a leader of a party that forms part of the federal backdoor government that took power earlier in the year by the exact same methods and had been using Covid as an excuse to clamp down ever since and prevent proper parliamentary scrutiny of its actions.

The power grabbers have meanwhile illegitimately handed themselves scores of lucrative positions and perks and have been caught time and again breaking all the stringent rules they have imposed on everybody else.

This from the local leader of the PN coalition that has been letting the likes of Musa Aman off his scores of corruption charges purely for political purposes and supported his attempts to seize back power and then overturn the governor’s decision to put the matter to the people persistently in the courts.

Bung and his pals have thrown Musa under the bus now the attempt has failed. But there is no evidence whatsoever that he and his scheming and corrupted allies have changed their ways one bit. To the contrary they have shown themselves to be the same old political crooks they always have been and reminded everyone of their tactics each and every day for the past few weeks.

As for ‘suffering’ under Warisan? This foul mouthed showman would do better to apologise for the dreadful suffering and incompetence so many poor people from East Malaysia have suffered the past few months thanks to the thoughtless, corrupt and incompetent management of PN’s response to Covid.0



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