Letter to Warisan’s President, Mr Shafie: Author unknown (received via WhatsApp)…



As soon as he came to power, he recognized UCA Chinese High School Certificate, and now my vote is returned to him, thank him for returning the dignity to us. It’s that simple.

As soon as he took office, he added two more government departments. One of them was the Sabah Education Bureau. It allocated two thousand acres of land to develop Sabah’s own university and invited foreign universities to establish universities in Sabah, hoping to reduce the outflow of young people through this method. Reduce the family burden of parents. Then I will return this vote to him to thank him! It’s that simple!

The federal government only allocated a small amount budget to Sabah. Therefore, he himself went to China, went to Indonesia, and then went to Japan to bring back business opportunities. He hoped that the people of Sabah would have new prospects, and there was no need to bow their heads to ask the central government for funding to see the face of West Malaysia. Then I will return this vote to him to thank him for everything he has done for us. It’s that simple!

As soon as he came to power, he looked at the human resources of government agencies and was shocked. Since then, he has vigorously reformed and used sages, including the reuse of our ethnic Chinese. For this, I have this vote in my hand and return it to him to thank him . It’s that simple!

Now, the whole country, the whole country’s political parties have to pull him down through various means. His only counterattack is to rely on the votes held by the people of Sabah to tell these political parties that the Democratic Party is with the people of Sabah. Build a society that does not distinguish between you and me. I’m giving my vote to WARISAN MR SHAFIE! It’s that simple!


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