Ex-MIC leader lodges MACC report against Vell Paari over land deals…


A MACC report had been lodged against MIC senator S Vell Paari over allegedly questionable land deals.

Former Sungai Siput MIC chief M Lokanathan said the cases are similar to the ones against former Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lokanathan said the first case involves a piece of land where the Sungai Convention Centre is located now.

He said the land was originally owned by MIC-linked Koperasi Pekerja Jaya (KPJ) but was later sold to Vell Paari’s family company for RM100,000 when it was actually worth more than RM2 million.

In the second case, he claimed that Vell Paari’s father and former Sungai Siput MP S Samy Vellu bought 46.13ha of land at Ladang Dovenby owned by the National Land Finance Co-Op Society Limited (NLFCS), for RM11,280 per hectare.

Lokanathan said the market value at the time should have been RM68,000 per hectare.

“(It was bought) supposedly to build homes for Sungai Siput residents,” he told reporters at the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya today.

Lokanathan, who is a member of KPJ and NLFCS, said Vell Paari’s family company was also allegedly involved in the sale of a bungalow below the market value.

He said the bungalow in Taman Pari, Ipoh, was valued at more than RM6 million but was sold for just RM750,000 to an individual.

The former MIC division leader claims to have all the documents to prove his claims and has submitted it to the MACC.

“If the MACC can take action against Lim for buying a house below the market value, then they must take action in this similar case,” he added.

When contacted, Vell Paari denied the allegations.




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