Was DPP Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin delusional when he described the additional charges against Lim Guan Eng as the “Mother of all charges”?


Friday, 11 Sep 2020 06:46 PM MYT


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 — Gobind Singh Deo has challenged deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharudin Wan Ladin’s assertion that he was “99 per cent” confident of convicting former minister Lim Guan Eng, pointing out that the Attorney General’s Chambers conviction rate was nowhere near this.

In a statement criticising the DPP over a press conference after Lim was charged with misappropriating RM208 million in state land, the defence lawyer and Puchong MP said Wan Shaharudin was delusional in his confidence.

“If you only prefer charges in cases where you are 99 per cent sure of convictions, then why don’t you see 99 per cent convictions in all criminal prosecutions?

“This is because in many cases, the evidence produced just isn’t enough to secure a conviction,” he said.

Gobind also criticised the DPP’s decision to speak about the case to the media, pointing out that the prosecution had applied for a court order barring public comments about the matter.

He suggested that this showed a lack of respect for the court and for the order sought.

While saying he would refrain from responding out of respect for the court order, he said the defence would bring the matter up during case management.

“We will move the court for orders to deal with this next week. We are of the view that what he has done is clearly subjudice.

“So bring it on. Let this be the ‘mother of all charges’ then. Let’s see what happens.”



Lawyers question ‘99% win’ remark by DPP in Guan Eng’s case

Predeep Nambiar -September 11, 2020 6:59 P

GEORGE TOWN: Several lawyers have questioned remarks made by a prosecutor in Lim Guan Eng’s latest charge today of criminal misappropriation of RM208.7 million worth of Penang state land involving two companies.

They said the remarks were uncalled for.

Earlier today, deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin said Lim’s case today was the “mother of all cases” compared with the other charges he was facing, with a “99%” chance of winning the case.

Lawyer V Parthipan said it was unprecedented for a prosecutor to make such a statement when judges would be the ones deciding if a case would result in a conviction.

“If you have strong evidence, best to proceed with your evidence and arguments in court. Giving statements such as a ‘99% success rate’ are not necessary.

“It is as if we are pressuring the judge to convict the accused because you have a good case. Also, in the event that the DPP fails in convicting the accused, it would look bad on them,” he told FMT.

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin (in maroon-striped tie) outside the Butterworth courthouse in Penang today.

Lawyer Siti Zabedah Kasim said a DPP should seek to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, and respect the legal rights of all, including the accused.

“I hope in his zeal to prosecute, he does not fail to appreciate his obligations. I hope he is not driven by the impulse to punish the accused.

“Statements to the media, if any, should be to provide accurate facts for the consumption of public knowledge. Not for the airing of opinions and gut feelings of the prosecutor.

“The prosecutor’s opinion means nothing as his only job is to prosecute based on the available evidence obtained from the investigation,” he said.





It’s the ‘mother of all charges’, says prosecutor in Guan Eng’s latest case

Predeep Nambiar -September 11, 2020 12:42 PM

BUTTERWORTH: The lead prosecutor in Lim Guan Eng’s latest case involving the alleged misappropriation of Penang government land has described it as the “mother of all charges”.

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin told reporters the case would be the last round of charges against Lim, after the three corruption and abuse of power charges against him last month.

“It is the mother of all charges. To quote a villagers’ proverb, we have seen the head, the body, but what about the tail? This is what I call the tail,” he said today when asked if Lim would face more charges in the future.

Wan Shaharuddin said the prosecution had a “99% chance” of winning the latest case, adding that the remaining 1% would be the “act of God”.



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