This Hungry Ghost Festival, expect ghosts to put on face masks…



Covid-19 in the afterlife: Hong Kong shop sells joss paper face masks

Published21 AUGUST, 2020UPDATED 21 AUGUST, 2020

KUALA LUMPUR —  It’s no surprise that joss paper shops sell just about anything for those who want to ensure their deceased loved ones are comfortable in the afterlife.

But one shop in Hong Kong is taking things to the next level by selling joss paper face masks, just in case the Covid-19 pandemic finds its way into the spirit world.

An image of the colourful paper face masks was posted on Facebook’s Complaint Singapore page by Chris Goh on Aug 16.

“Ghost month coming soon, anyone need mask can PM (private message) me,” he wrote, referring to the upcoming Hungry Ghost Festival.

The traditional festival, which falls on Sept 2 this year, sees living descendants honouring deceased ancestors by a myriad of rituals, including burning joss paper in the form of material items such as clothes, money, houses and cars.

According to the photograph, one joss paper mask costs HK$10 (S$1.76).





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