China might think that Biden is better than Trump but…




American Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to end the United States’ reliance on China and other countries for medical equipment should he be elected.

He also accused US President Donald Trump of failing to acknowledge the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic and putting his own interests before those of the American people.

Addressing the Democratic Party convention to formally accept his nomination, Biden accused Trump of “cosying up to dictators” and suggested he had failed to stand up for “human rights and dignity”.

His speech focused largely on domestic issues, particularly the country’s reckoning over systemic racism and the deadly fallout from the global health crisis.

“On day one we’ll implement the national strategy I’ve been laying out since March,” Biden said, addressing an empty room.

That strategy would include boosting US production of “medical supplies and protective equipment”, he said.

“We’ll make them here in America so we will never again be at the mercy of China and other foreign countries in order to protect our own people.”

Biden did not mention any leaders by name, but a video montage broadcast earlier at the convention included footage of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping as a narrator spoke of “adversaries” and “dictators”.

Biden has previously criticised Trump’s silence on the Chinese government’s human rights record, particularly its treatment of ethnic minority groups and its handling of Hong Kong.

“It’s no wonder Beijing is acting with impunity,” he said last month. “Time and again, President Trump has surrendered our values and reassured China’s autocrats they have a like-minded partner in the White House.”





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