Jamie Seidel: China leader Xi Jinping slammed for his ‘wolf warrior’ tactics…


China leader Xi Jinping slammed for his ‘wolf warrior’ tactics

Key generals have attacked Xi Jinping for squandering China’s big chance. They say his tactics have ruined their chances of world domination.

Jamie Seidel@JamieSeidel

One man. One party. One country of 1.4 billion people. Little wonder Chairman-for-life Xi Jinping is worried about maintaining absolute authority.

To do so, he’s painted a nationalistic picture of China’s future. It’s as good as – if not greater – than at any point in its 2000-year history.

Now, he has to deliver. That’s not proving so easy.

Floods. Insects. Famine. COVID-19. All are affecting food supplies and prices.

Xi quickly fell back on the tried-and-tested fallback position for most embattled authoritarian leaders: extol the nation’s greatness, it’s glorious history, it’s manifest destiny – and blame everybody else for its woes.

But the world isn’t cowering in the face of such ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy as expected.

They’re biting back.

Australia. Britain. Canada. India. Japan. Vietnam. All have stood firm in the face of extraordinary Chinese threats and intimidation. And, for Chairman Xi, that’s humiliating.

Now rumbles are beginning within his halls of power. Has Xi squandered China’s great chance to take its rightful place on the world stage?

Instead of backing down in the face of threatened economic sanctions, Canberra has hardened its insistence upon the rule of international law over the East and South China Seas.

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