Frederic Pierucci’s Tale of the loss of Alstom (received via WhatsApp)…


The former executive of “French Huawei” and the author of “American Trap” Pierucci complained tearfully: How did we get from the world’s first to being acquired by the United States! Today, they are eyeing Huawei China again. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Alstom is the brightest pearl in French industry. At a glorious time, Alstom did, the world’s first hydropower equipment, nuclear power plant conventional island world first, environmental control system world first, ultra-high-speed trains and high-speed trains world first. In terms of energy, we have provided equipment that accounts for 15% of the world’s total installed capacity, totaling 460 MW, ranking second in the world. Alstom and the American giant General Electric have fierce global competition.

On April 14, 2013, at JFK International Airport in the United States, I (Pieruzzi), as the vice president of Alton International Sales, was arrested by the FBI just after getting off the plane. I never expected that I would be arrested in the United States and prosecuted for imprisonment for a case that was in Indonesia ten years ago. What is even more shocking is that when I was in prison, my old club Alstom was “dismembered”.

Alstom, a commercial giant that once spanned the global power, energy and rail transportation industry, was not only fined a huge $772 million fine by the US Department of Justice. The core business was also “compulsory” acquired by major competitor General Electric, which allowed the United States to obtain partial control of most nuclear power plants in France.

When I was just arrested by the United States, I did not understand the situation. My heart is still illusory, thinking that I can be safe and sound. But in the end, I was told that I violated the US “Anti-Corruption Act” and conspiracy to launder money and other ten counts. If the lawsuit is established, I will face a total of 125 years in prison. It was at that time that I suddenly realized that the goal of the United States was not me but Alstom. The Americans did this so that they could dismember Alstom and finally achieve the purpose of acquisition.

In the days when I was imprisoned by the United States, I always paid attention to the development of the situation. I think that business competition should have a bottom line, no one can trample on the rules arbitrarily, let alone they are the world leaders! But the ensuing events completely shattered my fantasy. In order to force Alstom to succumb, on April 23, 2014, our company’s vice president of Asia, Lawrence Hawkins, was arrested by the United States. The next day, Alstom President Berkeley was under pressure to announce that he was planning to sell his “pearl on the palm” energy business (70% of its business volume) to General Electric for $13 billion.

Although Alstom has more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in this acquisition, but after paying taxes, joint ventures, capital injection, shareholder dividends, and debt repayments, the company’s earnings are almost zero. With a strong dollar and technical strength, the United States has successfully applied a set of American guidelines to other allies and their businesses on many issues of common concern. Arrest the executives of competitors through judicial means, and finally force the executives of the competitors to succumb to the acquisition of the rival company. Americans have used this method to perfection. Within ten years, General Electric has acquired at least four companies through this method. Alstom is only the fifth.

Alstom is our Huawei in France, but it was crushed by the United States and finally acquired. In recent years, your Chinese Huawei company has faced the same situation as ours. All are the same means, but your Huawei is the top enterprise in the field of 5g, Alstom is the pearl of French industry! At that time, at least 4 senior executives of Alstom were arrested. Today you witnessed the arrest of the daughter of Huawei’s founder Mr. Ren Zhengfei, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO.

The US Department of Justice is not independent, but is under the control of powerful American multinational companies. The relevant US laws can be called a tool for extortion. Since 2010, French companies and banks alone have paid US$14 billion in fines to the US. From the moral two of the Alcatel oil industry in the communications industry to Industrial Bank. The punished French company is undoubtedly not an industry giant.

When I heard your Ms. Meng Wanzhou from Huawei being arrested in Canada, I felt that I should tell the world what I knew, especially Huawei, which reminded China, I hope you will not repeat Alstom’s mistakes. At the beginning of 2019, the book “The American Trap” co-authored by a French journalist and I was published in France, which caused a huge response. This book is my personal experience of Pierucci, and it reveals in detail the inside story of the US government’s crackdown on US corporate competitors. I sincerely hope that Chinese friends can take a look at it and make preparations to prevent it. I wish Ms. Meng Wanzhou can return to the country as soon as possible, and hope that Huawei can overcome the difficulties.

“This is a complete blackmail.”


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