Video of OKU student being assaulted at Anderson School, Ipoh…



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PUCHONG: A viral video is circulating on the Internet, showing a gruesome clip of a student being bullied and assaulted by another student, purportedly in SMK Anderson Ipoh.

In the video, the student, clad in school uniform, can been seen being slapped, punched and kicked by another boy wearing a different attire.

Several other students just watched the assailant beating up the victim including the one shooting the video, doing nothing to stop the abuse.

The victim looked terrified and traumatised, screaming his lungs out due to fear. He did not defend himself.

Here are some comments from netizens in regards to the video:

Anna Pillai: I don’t quite understand why these sort of incidents happens in schools. Where are the teachers ? Are the pupils left unattended if so why. Knowing that this sort of issue very frequently happens in schools. Rebellious students should be separated and isolated from innocent students. Or CCTV should be secretly installed and rebellious student must be punished. So this sort of act can be put to end.
A better generation can be developed for the nation.

Jenny Raj: Other students sitting on table then just watch this as movie or what….others quickly must report to teacher. It’s secondary school student ….

Muhammad Abdullah: Allahu .. tears in my eyes .. I look at this and pity the boy .. he cries .. he is too scared .. The relevant school, authorities, pdrm please take a strict action on the bully .. please la .. (crying emoticon)

When contacted, SMK Anderson said that they were in the midst of a meeting to discuss the incident and would comment on the matter later.

Ipoh police headquarters also confirmed that no police report have been lodged on the matter as of now.

Between 2012 and 2015 — a span of just four years — there were 14,000 cases of bullying, most of them involving physical bullying.

In 2015, there were 2,968 cases reported according to Education Ministry’s statistics. The number rose steeply the following year to 3,448.

The statistics for 2017 was even more depressing.

In August 2017, a Year One pupil in a boarding school in Kapit, Sarawak died after being beaten by his Year Six seniors.

By Hema Subramaniam

Viral video: Student gets assaulted by a bully, others just watched

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