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Marina Mahathir

For all the lovely Malaysians, please spend 5 minutes reading their articles, published and shared by Marina Mahathir.

I hope that no one in Malaysia will ever call “Chinese” or “Indian” “outsiders.” We are all Malaysians…

Theme: History Today

The truth is revealed (evidence)!
In June 1998, the Malaysian government hired a team of experts from around the world to gather a research project in Malaysia to compliment the historical research that we explored during the middle school period.

The purpose of this study is simple:

1. Finding evidence and evidence showing the origin of Malays in Malaysia. They were the first race and religion to land in Malaysia.

2. To further strengthen their demands, they first need to find the cemeteries of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Han Lekiu and others. To show that he is the pioneer.

3. The inscription (Batu Bersurat) in Terengganu reveals that Islamic religions have landed in Malaysia for more than a hundred years, which reinforces their claim!

Do you know and see the facts!

Ask your brothers, sisters, prostitutes, nephews, etc. Have they read the history of Handua since 1999 (if I remember correctly) or in 2000?

This is why such an important topic has disappeared?

Perhaps the evidence shows something that caused the government to stop the syllabus and hide the truth?

The following findings were obtained by scientists, archeologists, historians and other technical personnel from the United States, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Canada, Yemen and Russia.

The evidence is:

1) They finally found the cemetery of Handua, the Han and Jalapana and others. The analysis of their skeletons and the DNA samples taken showed:
Handuya, Hanjajah, Han Lekiu and spouse are not Malays!
They are Chinese from China (Islam)!

Why did they come to Malacca?
If you look back at history, you will know that their task is to protect the unwelcome Malay sultanate and be frequently attacked by the Siam country (Thailand).
Therefore, Handuya is not a Malay hero!
They are protectors who protect incompetent and unpopular Bayrimisura (from Indonesia) landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him.
Both Handua and friends are from China. They were assigned to the Sultanate of Malacca because Parameswara required the protection of the Ming dynasty!

Therefore, the rich historical heritage of Baba and Nyonya is closely related to the seven seas and the seas of the general general of China – Zheng He. Incidentally, Zheng Bao, the eunuch of Sambo, is a Chinese Muslim!
In fact, Baba and Nyonya were one of the earliest descendants of Zheng He’s aristocrats from San Bao.
These Chinese were married to Beli Misura and it seems that today there are more Chinese than Malays.

They followed the Chinese custom and wore “Malay clothes and chest pins”. They spoke Malay and Hokkien, both of whom were eating pork.
They celebrate each religious holiday together. Such as the Virgin Mary and Jesus, the Indian gods, and even the Islamic “keramat” religion.
This is the best integrated race and was first formed in Malaysia. But they are not indigenous, even the earliest… earlier than the so-called Malays, if it really has its race!!!!

This is why the history of the Hangdua series disappeared from Malaysian history!
This is shameful, they destroyed all
The facts in Honduras are only to restore their face!

Note: Remember the princess Han Li Bao? – All surnames “HANG” (or ANG in Min Nan).

2) The oldest tombstone (cemetery) discovered by government-employed researchers in Kelantan in 2000. Surprisingly, tombstones are at least 900 years old! Older than the so-called inscription. What’s interesting is that they all belong to the Chinese!

World history knows that Indonesia, this (Malayu land) and its surrounding lands include Singapore, ruled by the Indian kings, especially the Tamils. Neel Iauthaman’s escape from Indonesia in Bali and Bere Misulla proved it all. Archaeologists further discovered Bujang Valley, which is not open to the public.

They call themselves Malayu. Even the word is purely a Tamil word. In Tamil, Lu Youshan called “Malaiyur”… This gave them a word “Malay”! The people who live there are called “Malayuraan”…. Malay (mountain) + uraan (person) and become Malay (orang melayu).

My God, if you are a Kerry-type fanatic, claiming to be Malay, are you ashamed to read this article!

If you want solid evidence, write to Archeology and the Federal Institute for Research in Michigan, USA.

This is a good reason to remind Aboriginal people not to call Chinese or Indians back to their home country because the evidence shows that the Malays are not the original Malaysian indigenous people.

The truth has revealed (according to evidence) that anthropologists have not yet determined whether there are Malays!

Send it to all your friends and let them know what the truth is.

P/S: Please save it so that our descendants can pass on from generation to generation. We know that the Chinese are not “outsiders”. The history of Malaysia is not what the Malays say.


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