At last, the truth is revealed. The missing chocolate belonged to Nooryana Najwa, Najib’s daughter…



Missing chocolate is not mine, says Najib

10.40am – During the cross-examination, DPP V Sithambaram suggests that the former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is thrifty and even noted that there’s chocolate missing when police raided his house (photo).


Sithambaram: Datuk Seri, you are a careful man with money or government fund.

Najib: I don’t pay too much attention.

Sithambaram: I don’t mean disrespect but I feel ‘blur’ (confused). I still recall in the paper (newspaper), when the police carried out some sort of raids in your house, you, in fact, complained that there’s chocolate missing.

Najib: My daughter complained.

Sithambaram: So you have issued a press release… (but) it’s not your chocolate then?

Najib: Not mine.

Sithambaram: I find it difficult that the (former) prime minister and the finance minister is quite clueless on his financial account?

Najib: You can ask my private secretary, who is managing my personal account.






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