The thoughts of a Sarawakian. Unnamed.

I believe it’s not about Muslims or non-Muslims.

It’s about the severe TRUST deficit we have in our Leaders.

Starting from Tun Rahman’s time…. the subtle ‘Islamisation’ of Sarawak….. starting with the change in the education system, the setting up of Islamic Religious Councils via BINA and other ‘KL sanctioned’ religious NGOs, mass conversions of non-Muslims being given wide publicity and directly or indirectly, creating an ‘Islamic landscape’ in a secular state with no official State religion.

If these don’t alarm non-Muslims, what does ?

Trust is something not built up overnight but something which can be destroyed overnight.

As the saying goes – the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
So is a Leader – the practice counts more than the preaching.

My fellow Malaysians friends (with me since Primary 1) also shared their resentment of the MALAYAN and Arabic culture slowly creeping into Sarawak.

Slowly disappearing are scenes of Malays, Chinese and Dayaks sitting together in kopitiams oblivious to this halal or non-halal narrative.
Or fear of religious ‘inspectors’ jumping on them for dining with non-Muslims in non-Muslim eateries.

That’s Sarawak.
That’s our UNIQUENESS.

YAB CM keeps saying Sarawak is a model for all Malaysia to emulate on unity in Diversity’.
Yes, I wonder whether he ever bring his West Malaysian visitors to sit in a non-Muslim eatery like what ‘normal’ Sarawakians had been doing long before we joined Malaysia.

Know why our flag had 3 colours – Black, Red, and Yellow ?

To represent the inclusiveness and harmony of the major communities – Dayak, Chinese and Malay.

Let’s strive to protect our uniqueness.

The Sarawak way, not the Arab or Malaya way.

When in Rome do as the Romans do.
When in Sarawak, please do as we Sarawakians do.

What we have been doing right for decades surely cannot become wrong just because we joined Malaysia.

What say you ?

My thoughts 🙏🤝

No offence meant to anyone.
Just sharing my thoughts as a Sarawakian.🤝🙏

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1 Response to The thoughts of a Sarawakian. Unnamed.

  1. E Lye says:

    I totally agree. My mum’s from Sabah and I worked in Sarawak for 3 years. Lahad Datu, Tawau, Labuan, Marudi, Royal Mulu Resort, Limbang, Lawas, Bintulu, Kuching just to name a few places and one Long so deep we had to sit in a timber? lorry to reach it. I am glad there are still places where sanctuary can be found, where life still resembles what you see in old P Ramlee movies. Islam had a different flavour in those days not like today where consumers demand total blood transfusions from consuming imaginary pig dna laced Cadbury chocolates.

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