Jakim: Tealive is not haram but halal #Boba #Buba #MilkTea

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has debunked claims that popular local bubble tea brand Tealive is not halal.

The Islamic body’s Halal Hub Division, in a statement, confirmed that the halal certificate issued to the business was authentic and that it had never deemed Tealive as “haram”, as had been circulated online recently.

“The viral posts by some irresponsible quarters are not true. We would like to stress that Tealive, which is operated by Loob Integrated Sdn Bhd, is a bearer of a valid Malaysia Halal Confirmation Certificate (SPHM).

“As such, the public is advised to be more wary before disseminating information on halal status of products that are yet to be confirmed its authenticity,” it said today.

The viral message claimed that Tealive, which currently has over 300 outlets in the country, had supposedly been confirmed as “haram” by Jakim as the beverage contained alcohol and porcine products.

Jakim advised public members to refer to the relevant authorities if there were any uncertainties regarding the halal status of a product, to ensure there was no misunderstanding that could threaten the country’s harmony.

“We also advise the public to be smart consumers, so as not to be easily influenced by false messages like this,” it said.




.https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/485363…..Excerpts from:https://says.com/my/makan/shops-that-sell-unique-milk-teas-to-complete-your-boba-life…..

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