What would you do if a male hotel staff came into your room unannounced and saw you half nude? Rosie Dehgani sued the Hiranandani Hotel in KL.

17 June 2019


Woman sleeping half-naked sues after hotel worker ‘breaks into’ her room


KUALA LUMPUR: An American woman has filed a suit against a hotel in Kuala Lumpur for invasion of privacy and trespass.

In her suit filed in the Sessions Court last week, Rosie Dehgani is claiming compensation and other damages from Hiranandani Hotel in Jalan Tun Razak, saying it breached the duty of care to protect her safety, pride and dignity.

The woman, who is in her early 40s, said a male employee of the hotel had broken into her room at night when she was ready to sleep and half-naked.

“The plaintiff was shocked, angry, embarrassed, numbed because the male employee had seen her in half naked state,” said the statement of claim file by legal firm Karpal Singh & Co last Friday.

In court papers sighted by FMT, Rosie, who is from California, said the incident was also a form of sexual harassment.

Rosie said she had booked a room via e-mail to stay in the hotel from Oct 16 to Oct 25 last year.

She said about 11.30pm on Oct 17, a male employee entered her room without permission on grounds he wanted to speak to her about an e-mail.

The employee used his own key or card without ringing the bell, warning and prior notification.

Rosie said she instructed the employee to leave the room immediately.

The plaintiff said she then called the hotel’s customer service department via telephone on the trespass and intrusion but was told it was the standard operation procedure to ensure she is in her room.

Woman sleeping half-naked sues after hotel worker ‘breaks into’ her room

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