Mahathir: The Rule of Law applies to everyone…



The Rule of Law applies to everyone from the Rulers to the Prime Minister and Ministers, to the civil servants and ordinary citizens.

There is no provision which exempts anyone from the Rule of Law. For the Rulers there is a special court but the laws are the same as the laws applicable to ordinary citizens. The Rulers too must respect the laws.

It is disturbing to see blatant breaches of the law being perpetrated in the mistaken belief that immunity has somehow been accorded.

We had agreed that Malaysia accepts democracy, i.e rule of the people by the people, and for the people. This by common consent takes the form of a Parliamentary Democracy with a constitutional monarch at State and Federal levels. Towards this end the constitution and law at different levels have been promulgated. Unfortunately certain breaches of the laws have been committed without action being taken by the law enforcement agencies. In other words the Rule of Law has been ignored.

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