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The Fire Dept were supplied with non-fireproof suits for their firefighters. Horrors!

… 16 January 2019 .. 'Baju bomba palsu:' SPRM minta bantuan forensik firma UK https://t.co/WmgvmTUBSE pic.twitter.com/8YcZuCdrzv — Malaysiakini (BM) (@mkini_bm) January 16, 2019 SPRM sedang dalam proses untuk menentukan jika 6,000 baju kalis api bernilai RM13.5 juta yang dibeli Jabatan … Continue reading

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Penang: The mystery of the blue-faced woman…

… North Seberang Perai district police chief Noorzainy Mohd Noor said the woman had “caused panic” among people due to her appearance and face which was blue in colour. https://t.co/0BSwbHbE5M — Aww… (@SiamLaksa) January 14, 2019 .. Penang cops detain … Continue reading

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Seremban: Beaten up at a mall, the boy is said to be in the ICU…

… 15 January 2019 ..   … Video taken by bystander on 13/1/2019 at Seremban. A lone high school student was beaten up by 5 to 6 men just because of misunderstanding on electronic games. The victim is in ICU … Continue reading

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