House of MACC investigation officer catches fire: Is it Arson?

The investigations officer is attached to the MACC’s special action unit which undertakes high-profile corruption cases.

19 December 2018


KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 19): A two-storey house belonging to a senior officer of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in Taman Suria Tropika, Seri Kembangan caught fire on Dec 17 and arson is suspected.



A suspected arson attack was carried out on the home of a high-ranking MACC officer who is investigating several high-profile cases.

According to a source with knowledge of the incident, a molotov cocktail was allegedly lobbed into the double-storey house in Taman Suria Tropika, Sri Kembangan, yesterday afternoon.

However, the police have not confirmed this.

The source also did not rule out the possibility that it was an attempt to prevent the officer from carrying out his duties.

“It is likely a warning to him,” the source told Malaysiakini.

According to the source, the officer and his family were not in the house when the upper floor caught fire at about 2.30pm.

The Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call at 2.55pm, and were able to contain the fire at 3.12pm.


In its report, the department said 80 percent of the second floor was razed although the ground floor remained unaffected.

Sepang district police chief Abdul Aziz Ali told Malaysiakini that police have received a report on the incident and are waiting for the Fire and Rescue Department’s forensic report.

“The report is only that the house caught fire.

“We can only reclassify and investigate the case if there is a criminal element in the report provided by the Fire and Rescue Department’s forensic investigation unit,” he said.

Malaysiakini has contacted the Fire and Rescue Department for the updates of the forensic investigation.

PUTRAJAYA: The anti-graft officer whose house in Seri Kembangan caught fire is part of the team responsible for investigating wrongdoings of enforcement agencies.

The officer, in his 30s, is with the investigation department’s special action branch, and has been with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for more than 10 years.

Sources at MACC said that while the Fire and Rescue Department as well as police had yet to determine it was arson, it should not be ruled out.

“Given the nature of his job, it is possible. But let the right authorities look into this.

“We are just happy that he and his family are all right,” said one of the sources.

The sources, however, refused to divulge if the officer is currently investigating an important case.

MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull when contacted said he was informed of the incident but declined to comment.


Dec 18

SEPANG: A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officer who handles high-profile graft cases has alleged that a fire that broke out at his double-storey house on Monday is related to his work.

The investigations officer who is attached to the commission’s special action unit which undertakes high-profile corruption cases lodged a police report urging a probe for foul play be commenced.

The officer who is in his 30’s was at work and his family was away when the fire broke out about 2.30pm on Monday.

The Fire and Rescue Department arrived at the scene within minutes and managed to put out the fire that extensively damaged the interior of the upper floor of the house at Taman Suria Tropika.

Sepang police chief ACP Abdul Aziz Ali said a preliminary report from the department showed that the cause of fire was a result of an electrical short circuit.

However, he said the MACC officer had made a police report on suspicions of the cause being arson.

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