Two Malaysians deported by Australia for having obscene, indecent material in their smart phone! Will there be a 3rd?

14 July 2018



Second Malaysian Deported of Australia Over ‘Sexually Depraved Images’ In a Week


According to, a Malaysian foreign national caught with child exploitation material when he arrived in Australia will be deported.

“The 38-year-old arrived in Melbourne on an Air Asia flight on Tuesday but was sent straight to Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre after officers found two videos and 20 photos containing illegal material on his phone.

Australian Border Force says this is the second detection of child exploitation material at an international airport in less than a week.”

This is the 2nd Malaysian who got deported with ‘sexually depraved’ content in the mobile phone which means there will be more random checks on travellers (especially Malaysians).

We are making the wrong headlines in Australia and this doesn’t look good for other Malaysian travellers.


Australia deports M’sian for possessing ‘child exploitation material’


A 38-year-old Malaysian man has been deported from Melbourne, Australia after he was found with “child exploitation material.”

This is the second such incident reported this week in which a Malaysian was denied entry to Australia as a result of possessing illicit material.

The Australian Border Forc (ABF) said in a statement issued today that officers had found two videos and twenty photos containing what was deemed to be child exploitation material on a mobile device.

The man, who arrived on Tuesday, was detained pending deportation and had his device seized.

It is unclear if the man was detained upon returning to Malaysia.


13 July 2018




Australia deports Malaysian man found with ‘abhorrent’ sexual material

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A 43-year-old Malaysian has been deported from Australia this morning after his mobile phone was found to have contained videos of “extreme sexual depravity and violence”, Australian authorities have said.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) stated that the man, whom it did not name, was detained upon arrival at Perth International Airport on Wednesday after an inspection of his phone revealed the videos.

The man, it said, had arrived from Malaysia with a tourist visa and had been stopped for a baggage examination.

The ABF is an independent operations body underneath the country’s Home Affairs portfolio tasked with, among others, customs services, as well as investigating and enforcing immigration infractions.

“A 43-year-old Malaysian man who arrived at Perth International Airport on July 11, 2018, has been removed from Australia after abhorrent material was located in his mobile phone.

“During examination of the man’s phone, ABF officers discovered a number of videos depicting extreme sexual depravity and violence deemed to contravene the standards of morality, decency and propriety under the Customs Prohibited Import Regulations.

“Officers seized the phone and subsequently cancelled his visa,” the ABF said in a statement issued today.

It went on to state that the man was detained and transferred to the Perth Immigration Detention Centre until his subsequent removal from Australia earlier this morning.

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