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I know you love the food in Penang but 30,000+ eateries in 2008-2018 were DIRTY! This year: 1,300…

… 31 July 2018 .. 'Don't play-play' warning as Penang declares war on dirty food outlets https://t.co/lxAnCPBZvR @nonvitaltooth @_chuad @skumar176 @lowelsielow54 @billtay25 @chongbeng @arifsetia20132d @eddydaud @GEanalyst @CA4MSIA @richardrichli @imfsea_aruna @kuabt @ahkmlog @esshankar1 — estee gan (@gst183) July 31, 2018 GEORGE … Continue reading

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Was the BN Govt using the BTN to politicise the Malaysian Court?

… The BTN is the bastion of Ketuanan Melayu. Its aim is said to be the perpetuation of the BN government. … 10 August 2018 .. "The Chief Registrar of the Federal Court Datuk Latifah Mohd Tahar had directed judicial … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with me! I’m the driver of BJN7364.

… What about this crazy driver? pic.twitter.com/G78mKjnMVJ — Peaceful Malaysia? (@MalaysianAlways) July 30, 2018 … #BJN7364. Somebody please find that uncle and feed him to the stray dogs. https://t.co/esiyduXNkH — Arrexâ„¢ (@arrextrading) July 28, 2018 …   …     … Continue reading

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