I know you love the food in Penang but 30,000+ eateries in 2008-2018 were DIRTY! This year: 1,300…

31 July 2018


GEORGE TOWN: Authorities in Penang have declared war on operators of dirty food outlets in the state, telling them to ensure cleanliness or face closure.

“Jangan main main (lit. ‘don’t fool around’) with the Penang government,” Jagdeep Singh Deo, the exco for local government, said today.

He said the state would no longer tolerate errant food operators, adding that it had so far detected nearly 1,300 health violations by eateries this year.

Twenty dirty food outlets were closed while 991 were slapped with compounds for contravening food safety matters. Another 266 compounds were issued to operators for not installing a grease trap.

Last month alone, 12 food outlets, including famous nasi kandar outlets in George Town, were ordered to close by the Health Department for two weeks for breaking food safety regulations.


A shocking 30,913 dirty eateries in Penang, govt warns of stern penalties

Susan Loone  |  Published:  |  Modified:


The Penang government detected 30,913 dirty eateries in the state from 2008 to 2018 in the state and has taken measures to either close them down or issue compounds as part of enforcement action.

State executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo today sternly warned food operators to up their game and live up to George Town’s “Cleanest Asian City” status, an award which it obtained in January 2018.

Jagdeep said the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) had also been instructed to carry our more enforcement operations against eateries and food premises.

“I sternly warn all operators, jangan main-main (don’t’ trivialise the matter) with the state government. We are serious in this effort to keep our city safe and clean,” Jagdeep warned.

Jagdeep reminded that Penang’s motto of being a “Green, Clean, Healthy and Safe” state has been recognised internationally.

In January this year, George Town won the award for being one of Asean’s cleanest city with it being presented in Chiang Mai in Thailand on Jan 26 at the closing of the Asean Tourism Forum 2018.

Then tourism and culture minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz was present at the award ceremony.

Jagdeep…said to date 165 premises in Penang have been shut down with 30, 748 compounds issued from 2008 to July this year.


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