Mahathir, 93 years young…


He became Prime Minister of Malaysia for a second time. At 93.

26 May 2018


20 May 2018


Dr. Afif Bahardin and 2 others follow

Tun M VS You




29m29 minutes ago

Thank you Tun Malaysian appreciate your sacrifices and contribution.


20 May 2018

Yoursay: Dr M’s back down on education portfolio earns kudos

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YOURSAY | By not taking the portfolio, he has won even more respect of us.

PM says won’t break manifesto, drops education minister portfolio

David Dass: Perhaps this is the right decision (for Dr Mahathir Mohamad not to take up the education portfolio). But not for the reason that Mahathir gives.

He is prime minister. He will be watching over all the ministries. And no doubt he will give his views on all policies.

Mahathir can work closely with the education minister. And assist him or her. He has said that many of our people are not educated by which we understand him to mean poorly educated with little or no critical faculties and EQ (emotional quotient).

And he also says that our teaching methods are antiquated in this world of technology, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The truth is our educational system needs a thorough overhaul.

And English must be brought back in a big way. We must embrace bilingualism. Perhaps even more languages. For the non-Malays, it will be their mother tongues.

Also, scrap BTN (Biro Tatanegara). There is no need to put the non-Malays down. And teach real history. Not fiction.

And teach everyone the cultures and the religions of everyone else. Knowledge of one another will bring understanding and respect. It will dispel suspicion and distrust.

Beman: Taken literally, the words in the promise (in Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto) are clear that the PM should not take up another minister’s post.

Justifications offered by other Harapan leaders for Dr M to take up the education minister’s post, such as “saving money”, “not a portfolio” and “the phrase ‘especially finance minister’ means ‘other posts allowed’” are all excuses.

Anyway, it is good that Dr M has already taken note of his apparent oversight and has nominated another MP for the education minister’s post.

Anonymous_1fcb07f5: The post should be given to the best person to do the job. If the best person is Dr M because of his wide experience and exposure as a leader, then it should have been put to a vote among the Harapan leaders.

It should not have been made into a political issue just because of a clause in the manifesto. Politicising the issue will only deprive the rakyat of a leader who can bring genuine reforms for the benefit of all our children’s future.

Hopelessly: No, it would be a big mistake for Harapan not respecting its own promises. And thanks to Tun M, for righting the wrong promptly.

ChuenTick: I salute you, Dr M. It is noble of you to honour the Harapan manifesto, even though there are Harapan leaders who think it is alright to renege on that pledge.

A promise is a promise. If you can break one, it will become a slippery slope.


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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Either brain or heart will go Day to day not certain Above 90 no autopsy OK

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