Zaid Ibrahim hires Aussie lawyers for ANZ Bank-1MDB case: ANZ Bank is a shareholder of Ambank in Malaysia.

30 April 2018


Aussie lawyers agree to take up ANZ Bank-1MDB case, says Zaid

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Zaid Ibrahim revealed that his lawyers in Australia agreed to take up a case against the ANZ Bank to recover the RM2.6 billion, which he insisted was misappropriated from 1MDB despite Malaysian authorities claiming otherwise.

“If successful, I would use the compensation for activities that would enable the people to think in a rational manner.

“Elections are only useful when the people think instead of dreaming all the time,” he said in a Twitter posting, without elaborating.

In a blog posting on April 23, the former law minister disclosed that he had travelled to Sydney the week before to instruct Levitt Robinson Solicitors to explore the possibility of suing ANZ Bank.

Zaid said ANZ was managing AmBank at the material time and is still a shareholder of AmBank in Malaysia.

“I believe ANZ was responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the laundering of money that belongs to the people of this country.

“This is my last bit of contribution before May 9, 2018,” he added in reference to the 14th general election.

Zaid said he wanted the case to be placed before the Australian court with the commitment that, should any funds be awarded by way of damages from ANZ Bank, the court would supervise its use wholly and exclusively for the benefit of Malaysia’s poor.

The former minister said he also attempted to get AmBank to disclose the statement of accounts where the money from 1MDB was remitted to so that it could be established if it went to caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s accounts or if the sum came from a Saudi royalty.

“But they all said that I had no locus standi as I was not a shareholder or a director of 1MDB,” he added.

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1. Lim Kit Siang: Was the murder of Ambank founder Hussein Ahmad Najadi linked to 1MDB? (Posted on 

There’s more to dad’s murder, says Pascal Najadi 

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Pascal Najadi believes there is more to his father and AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi’s murder, and accused Malaysian police of allowing the mastermind behind the assassination to escape. Pascal, in an interview with Sarawak Report published today, said even though his father’s shooter was arrested but the mastermind who commissioned the assassination was allowed to flee. “The Malaysians never pursued him and it’s been dropped,” he was quoted as saying. Pascal also dismissed speculation that his father was killed for helping a temple to stop its land from being acquired for development. … Instead, Pascal believed that his father’s death was related to corruption and the perpetrator had since fled the country. “I have no explanation for his execution except corruption at the bank and the mastermind was let go and escaped via Sydney. “Malaysia have not followed up via Interpol. He was Malaysian, he boarded a flight to Sydney even though he was an immediate suspect. “The Australians followed this mastermind to Shanghai, but Malaysia never pursued him,” he was quoted as saying. —

IGP : AmBank founder’s murder no link to 

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Police have poured cold water on rumours that AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi was murdered because he wanted to expose the 1MDB scandal. Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said there was no link between the murder and the 1MDB case. “I confirm that there was no police report lodged by Hussain on the day before his murder that there was a (large) deposit. “There is no link between Hussain’s murder and the 1MDB case, none whatsoever,” he said. Speaking to reporters at KL Sentral, the top cop said police already know the motive behind the murder, and the killer had been sentenced last year. He added the allegations had originated from a blog which prompted Hussain’s son, Pascal Najadi, to make similar allegations. “He made the allegation after reading the blog which means someone else made the claims first,” Khalid said. He said police were investigating the source of the rumour and will take action against those who spread false news. — Malay Mail Online Any link between 1MDB and AmBank founder’s murder? Kit Siang wants cops to find out KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 — Lim Kit Siang has asked the police to reopen investigations into the 2013 murder of Arab-Malaysian Development Bank (AmBank) founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi, saying it could help lay to rest rumours of a possible link between the case and the ongoing 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) controversy. … Hussain was assassinated on July 29 two years ago while his wife was seriously injured in the shooting, when they emerged from the Kuan Yin Temple in Lorong Ceylon. Hussain, 75, who had Iranian citizenship and permanent Malaysian residency, was the chairman and chief executive of multi-billion dollar corporation AIAK Group. He had established the Arab-Malaysian Development Bank in 1975, now known as AmBank. … Last week, allegations in a report by WSJ on the 1MDB controversy set tongues wagging again about Hussain’s assassination. According to the international business daily, some US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) from the state investor were deposited into the prime minister’s private accounts. … Hussain’s son Pascal Najadi had written an article that was posted on web portal Malaysia Chronicle today, in which he labelled it “ironic” that the same bank his father founded was where 1MDB’s money has allegedly been uncovered. In the article, Pascal explained that he and his family had lived “in fear of our wellbeing”, sold all their assets and left Malaysia for good in early 2014 and now feel “safe” in Switzerland. – See more at:



2. Pascal Najadi petitions the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva… (Posted on 

22 Jun 2016

The perceived paralysis of law and order in present day Malaysia has led to a ground-breaking and potentially humiliating development, where the son of the assassinated banker Hussein Najadi has asked the United Nations to intervene to investigate the crime.

Pascal Najadi slapped his petition into the Geneva based Human Rights Council on Monday, saying that he and his family have been made desperate by the blatant refusal of the Malaysian authorities to properly investigate his father’s murder.

Son Pascal Najadi has campaigned to identify the people behind his father’s murder

He cites the fact that Najadi was criticising suspicious transactions at AmBank, linked to the present Prime Minister, shortly before his death, as the most likely reason for the inertia on the part of the Malaysian investigators.

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