Voice of an Indian Student: ‘Racist’ Universiti Malaya (UM) lecturer apologizes…

21 April 2017

2h2 hours ago

‘Racist’ UM lecturer apologises to students

Alyaa Azhar

The Universiti Malaya (UM) lecturer who purportedly made racist remarks against her students has apologised over the incident.

In a statement to Malaysiakini, UM vice-chancellor Mohd Amin Jalaludin said that a meeting was held between the lecturer and the students. The vice-chancellor was also present during the meeting.

A UM spokesperson confirmed that the meeting was held on March 30.

The lecturer had, during the meeting, apologised over the incident both orally and in written form, said Amin.

The students accepted the lecturer’s apology and expressed hope that the incident would not recur.

“The lecturer also regretted the incident and stressed that she did not mean to raise any racial issue. She also promised to be more careful in the future,” said Amin.

The UM vice-chancellor further stressed that the university would not tolerate any academic or management staff who are found to have not been respectful of other races.

The university had suspended the lecturer from teaching the class in which she had made the purported comments.

The UM spokesperson said the lecturer will be suspended until investigations into the case are completed.


2 March 2017

UM forms independent panel to probe ‘racist lecturer’ claim

Shakira Buang

Universiti Malaya (UM) has formed an independent panel to investigate allegations that a lecturer had ridiculed Indian students, after the claim went viral recently through the “Suara Pelajar India” Facebook page.

Vice-chancellor Mohd Amin Jalaludin told Malaysiakini that the matter was agreed upon during a meeting yesterday, adding that the independent panel will ensure justice was served without intervention from university management.

“I cannot comment further until the investigations are concluded as the probe is still ongoing, and to ensure impartiality for the lecturer and students involved, I leave it to the panel to handle the matter, with no involvement from UM,” he said.

Malaysian Indian Progressives Association (Mipas) yesterday urged UM to dismiss the lecturer.

The NGO’s secretary-general S Barathidasan said it was not enough to just suspend or transfer the lecturer as it will not drive home the message that such behaviour was not acceptable.

Commenting further, Mohd Amin said the independent panel has been given five days to investigate the claims, though an extension may be granted if required.

“I gave them five days from yesterday. I think it is best to let the panel investigate the matter without pressure from any party as this is a sensitive national issue.

“So let the panel come up with their conclusion and then we will take action. If there are (racist) elements, then we will take appropriate action.

“But if the opposite is true, then we will call up the student (who made the allegations),” said Mohd Amin.

False claims also an offence

In any case, he stressed that the university will not stand by any lecturers with racist leanings but neither will it allow people to make false claims against the university.

He reiterated that any lecturers with racist leanings will face action, but so too would those who make mountains out of molehills over trivial matters.

In any case he cautioned the public to presume nothing, until the facts are established.


28 Feb 2017

1h1 hour ago

NGO wants ‘racist UM lecturer’ sacked

Universiti Malaya (UM) must immediately terminate the lecturer accused of making racist remarks against ethnic Indian students, NGO Malaysian Indian Progressives (Mipas) said today.

Mipas said it would be insufficient to suspend or transfer her to another university or agency,for this would not send a message that such behaviour was unacceptable.

“There has been no solution to these sorts of complaints which keep recurring in schools and institutions of higher learning because no stern action has been taken,” Mipas secretary-general S Barathidasan said.


26 Feb 2017


Feb 26

Pelajar, Lalitha Sudeshna tuntut pensyarah Universiti Malaya Prof. Dr. Norlidah mohon maaf…

23 Feb 2017


UM probes claim lecturer disparaged Indian students

Universiti Malaya (UM) has formed a five-member panel to investigate allegations of racism against one of its lecturers, Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan announced today.

“I immediately contacted the honourable vice-chancellor Prof Dr Amin Jalaludin to seek clarification on the allegation.

“He was aware (of the allegation) and assured me that the university will not condone such behaviour from any staff,” Kamalanathan posted on his official Facebook page.

He said the five-member panel would meet all the parties involved, including witnesses, before coming to a conclusion.

Following the investigation, he added, the university would issue a statement on its decision.


21 Feb 2017

YB we need ur action in stoping Racism in Uni. Uni must cultivate Unity. Dr.Norlidah has made racist remarks in class!!


Voice of an Indian student …….

Without being racist many people cannot live in Malaysia

17th February 2017 at 3.05 PM
Research in Curriculum Development by Prof Dr Norlidah at Faculty of Education
I would like to lodge a complain upon your lecturer, Prof. Dr. Norlidah.
My friend Rinishah and I rushed to class taking time off from work, as we step into the class we greeted Prof Norlidah and proceeded walking towards our seats. As we were about to sit, she abruptly said ‘India, saya tak suka India duduk bersama-sama. Jangan bawa budaya UNITAR kesini. India duduk sama-sama lepas itu akan tiru assignment dan plagiarise. Saya kenal India.’ she then continued saying to me, ‘You, baju merah, duduk depan sekarang.’ subsequently said to my friend ‘you duduk sana’. Prof Norlidah further said, ‘Saya akan pastikan awak dan kawan awak tak akan dapat kumpulan sama untuk buat assignment. Saya tahu India macam mana.’

At this time, I was infuriated by her racist remarks towards me and my friend; I did NOT expect this from a well-educated person especially a person whose title is ’Professor’. She did not stop, she was merciless as she proceeded to insult other indian students. How would the wawasan 2020 be fulfilled if we have educators like this in ’Malaysia’s Top Public University’?

She went on defending her atrocious behaviour by confessing that this is her style and proceeded to encourage student to not promote UM to anyone else as she prefers her class to be smaller in number.

This wasn’t first time we had experienced this lowly behaviour of hers;on our orientation day, we met Prof Norlidah along with other two possible lecturers for a session with the faculty. Her first words were indeed hurtful and demotivating ‘Do you think you can do Masters with just 2 years experience? You and your friends can never graduate together, I challenge you. You do your business and I will do my business.’ her words crushed our eager selves who thirsted for knowledge.

I’ve never been more insulted in my life before until recently by your lecturer. Never did I came across someone with a PhD who could act despicably rude. It is a shame that such lecturer/former student hail from “Malaysia’s Top Public University”. It is important to remember that respect does not come with papers and titles but attitude. She lost the respect before gaining one. Such arrogance and racism from someone who should be an inspiration.

Let me remind you that we are paying to be here, she has no rights to insult us as such. Actions could be taken. She had hurt me and my friend emotionally.

I demand for an apology from her for the damage she had done to my reputation. If no action is taken from your side, I will not hesitate to bring this matter to the media.

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1 Response to Voice of an Indian Student: ‘Racist’ Universiti Malaya (UM) lecturer apologizes…

  1. Dr Ashok Kumar says:

    Once you bring in Race and Religion into your work Environments it will influence Decision making, remove the level playing field. Merit is dumped , affects performance and productivity in the process . A person deprived of progress in his Career even though outstanding feels deprived and so underperforms and the work Environment becomes unwelcome and feels being disadvantaged because he or she is faced with an issue not of his or her making.
    This Professor obviously is the condescending type. A good teacher provides Guidance , is exemplary , does not feel threatened by the Academic Inquisitiveness of their Students and grade their Students fairly by leaving their Racial and Religious Baggageisms in their Kitchens when coming to work.
    Hopefully she is not a bad influence on her fellow Academicians using guilt as Tools in promoting her isms, which would be sad indeed for Academic growth of UM , which also happens to be my Alma Mater.

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