Is it time to avoid salted eggs?

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24 Feb 2017


16h16 hours ago

Dua premis memproses telur masin di Kuala Kurau dan Tanjung Piandang, diarahkan tutup hari ini, kerana tahap kebersihan tidak memuaskan.



58m58 minutes ag

Salted eggs factories leave health inspectors bitter

IPOH, Feb 24 — Two salted egg factories in the Kuala Kurau area near here were shut down by state health authorities yesterday for several health code violations.

The two factories were closed for 14 days after surprise inspections detected several health risks on their premises, including potential pest infestation and unhygienic conditions.

At the first factory, near Kuala Kurau town, inspectors discovered several problems, including some of the eggs which had not been washed before preparation.

The soil used to marinate the eggs — which gives the eggs their salty flavour — had been left exposed, leaving it susceptible to pest infestation.

Dr Mah said this was worrying as rat droppings had also been found near the sand container.

“We also found that two out of the 10 workers did not complete the typhoid immunisation process, while some had not gone for the required food handling training programme,” he told a press conference yesterday.

At the second factory in Tanjung Piandang, inspectors uncovered unsanitary processing methods and found maggots crawling near storage containers.

“The workers were using cracked eggs to make salted egg yolk, which poses a risk of salmonella contamination,” said Dr Mah.

“All the factory’s six workers were fully immunised, but none received the necessary training for handling food.”

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