Eating out: Pay 10% – 20% CNY Tax!

 Feb 2017

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Normal to charge Chinese New Year tax, says sushi shop

February 16, 2017

GEORGE TOWN: A sushi restaurant which charged a 10% “CNY tax” here during the recent Chinese New Year holidays said it was “normal” for eateries to impose a surcharge to offset the rise in food prices during festive periods.

Speaking to FMT, the spokesperson said she was no different from other restaurants, which similarly imposed surcharges on the final bill.

“Do you know that most restaurants impose a 10% tax during Chinese New Year? This is because prices of vegetable go up during CNY.

“A notice was placed at the cashier counter for our customers to see.

“We have done that on Facebook, too.

“We have no intention of cheating our customers; we are Buddhists,” the spokesperson said.

14 Feb 2016


The CNY Tax in this place is 20%!!!

Start Today CNY TAX
Chinese New Year TAX 20%Chinese restaurant at Oceanus,
10% Service Tax & 20% CYN TAX.政府新推出的 TAX. ?
(Shared By Fans.)


The CNY Tax is 10%.

Woman forced to pay ‘Chinese New Year tax’ in her sushi bill


GEORGE TOWN: A sushi dinner outing for a group of six friends turned sour after they were charged a “10% CNY tax” at a restaurant in Gurney Drive two weeks ago.

A woman, who had offered to pay for the party of six, received the rude shock only after she had settled the bill — RM16.06 as 10% CNY tax for her RM176.60 bill at the outlet.

The tax, according to her, was applicable to all customers of the outlet from Jan 27 to Feb 2. She had gone to the outlet on Feb 3.

Wanting to remain anonymous, the woman told FMT she had only noticed the CNY tax notice after she had paid the bill.

“After paying, I looked at the bill and I noticed there was a CNY tax.

“The owner offered to reimburse the CNY tax, saying it was a system error.”

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