The Ipoh Heritage Walk, Malaysia

12 Feb 2017


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Ipoh Heritage Walk, Ipoh: See 90 reviews, articles, and 176 photos of Ipoh Heritage … information centre local food pre war hor fun birch map murals lanes trail.

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Malaysia Traveller

Ipoh Heritage Walk
Explore Old Ipoh On Foot

My Ipoh Heritage Walk is a leisurely stroll around the compact and historic old town area of Ipoh. The walk is about 4 miles long but you can extend or shorten it depending on your energy levels.

Ipoh Heritage Walk – Suggested Route


The Ipoh Heritage Walk starts at the Railway Station and if you are travelling up from KL you could use the spanking new electric train service (see Getting There section below).

In the small garden in front of the station is a specimen of the ipoh tree after which the town is named. The ipoh tree contains a poisonous sap which the orang asli use to tip the darts of their blowpipes.


Across the street is the stately, neo classical style Town Hall and Old Post Office building (the post office portion was in the rear). This building was also designed by our friend Mr. Hubback and built during the First World War.

Heading back towards the town centre you cannot miss the imposing St. Michael’s Institution. A school with over 2,000 pupils, it is a massive gothic style building, with classroom doors and windows aligned north/south instead of east/west so as not to disturb pupils with early morning and late afternoon sunrays. The Japanese used the school as Perak government headquarters during the occupation.

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Heritage Walk Ipoh



The best way to explore any place is on foot. Nothing better than gloriously getting lost in the hidden alleys of the city or stumbling upon some hidden restaurants. So on our very first day we went on mural hunting and heritage walk of a sleepy town – IPOH coupled with rich history and architecture that screams about the bygone era. Being the third largest city in Malaysia with the medley of remarkable colonial buildings and modern architecture, no doubt it has its historical significance. Once a tin mining hub of Malaysia, it is transformed into the cultural capital of Malaysia.

As our bus full of journalists and bloggers from various countries drove to the old town we passed by numerous crumbling yet charming shops and houses. After ten minutes we stopped at one of the huge building architected like a palace, as I peeped out of my window, I thought it might be a museum. As we all got down, our guide said,” Welcome to the old town of Ipoh and in front of us is the Railway station of Ipoh famous as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh. This was our starting point of the heritage walk.

About Heritage Walk:

The heritage walk is about 4 miles long covering most of the historically important places and might take approx. 2 hours to complete all the places.

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Malay Mail

Ipoh heritage trail: This town is made for walking

By Kenny Mah

Friday November 29, 2013


Lorong Panglima is known to locals as “Yi Lai Hong” or Concubine Lane where rich Chinese tycoons were supposed to have kept their mistresses. – Pictures by CK Lim

IPOH, Nov 29 — Malaccans love walking. Growing up in historical Old Malacca Town, you could say tackling heritage trails is in our very nature.

But did you know that Ipoh, merely two hours away from KL by train, also has a great heritage trail waiting for adventurous visitors to discover?

Consider this Malaccan boy game.
My guide for the day, Law Siak Hong from the Perak Heritage Society, and I start our trek by filling our bellies. In Ipoh, this means a soupy bowl of silky noodles topped with shredded chicken meat, shrimp and spring onions. The sar hor fun at Restoran Ipoh Kong Heng along Jalan

Bandar Timah (formerly Leech Street) fits the bill perfectly.
Law informs us that the Kong Heng building (which also houses boutique hotel Sekeping Kong Heng) used to be the Dramatists’ Hostel. Built in the 1920s, the hostel accommodated actors from the Chinese opera theatre next door which has since been demolished. Today, Plan B Ipoh stands in its place.


Traditional singing dove cages in Concubine Lane (left). Sar hor fun – a soupy bowl of silky noodle strands topped with shredded chicken meat, shrimp and green onions – at Restoran Ipoh Kong Heng (right)

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Ipoh Heritage Trail, Ipoh, Malaysia

The heritage trail through the historic old town center is an interesting walk passing many impressive buildings from Ipoh’s boom periodic from 1880s to the ..

Attractions / Buildings along the trail:

  • Railway Station
  • Majestic Hotel
  • Ipoh Tree
  • Town Hall and Old Post Office
  • Birch Memorial Tower
  • Mikasa Photo Studio
  • Chartered Bank
  • Straits Trading Company
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Perak River Hydro-Electic Power Company
  • High Court
  • Ipoh Club
  • The Chruch of St. John The Divine
  • Museum Darul Ridzuan
  • St. Michael’s Institution
  • Town Padang Mosque
  • F.M.S. Bar & Restaurant
  • Hongkong Bank
  • Han Chin Pet Soo
  • Concubine Lane
  • Dramatists’ Hostel
  • Dato’ Panglima Kinta Mosque
  • Little India district

Heritage Trail Map (1st Map) – IpohWorld’s World

Jan 7, 2011 – Here’s a copy of the 1st Heritage Trail Map. This trail covers Old Town and is held every Saturday morning at 8am, starting at the Ipoh Railway …

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