Our security guards and the threat of Islamic State (IS) Terrorism…


3 September 2017

8 suspected Abu Sayyaf militants nabbed in Cheras

POLICE have arrested eight suspected Abu Sayyaf militants in an operation in Cheras, including a leader of the southern Philippines-based group.

Abu Asrie, 25, whose real name is Hajar Abdul Mubin, was arrested along with another Filipino, Abraham Embung, 29, and six Malaysians of Filipino descent from Sabah, reported The Star.

Sources were quoted as saying some of the suspects worked as security guards and were even members of the Civil Defence Corp.


6 Feb 2017

Excerpts from:

5h5 hours ago

Corruption in security industry allows for terrorist infiltration


By Khen Han Ming

Besides poor background checks and lack of vetting compliance, elements of rampant corruption also need to be addressed as a root cause, particularly when it comes to the appointment of security contractors.

One must wonder why companies, including public listed companies, are still willing to engage unscrupulous security companies to supply them with security guards.

There are a high number of unqualified guards employed by these security companies because the vast majority of them do not go through proper vetting procedures.

It is suspected that kickbacks are offered to ensure clients do not pressure the security services companies for work permits and other necessary documents.

Also, the guards are paid in cash because the majority of them, especially if they are illegal foreign workers, do not qualify to open Malaysian bank accounts.

It is high time that the authorities, especially the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission step in to investigate and address this issue as the concern over compromise in national security matters is a valid point should terrorist elements capitalise on these vulnerabilities.

Khen Han Ming is a principal consultant with JK Associates, a business solutions and consultancy provider in the field of protective security services.


Arrested: Malaysia permanent resident Indonesian, a security guard employed by Malaysia Airlines with links to the Islamic State. His job included ensuring the safety of the airline’s flight operations safety, anti-pilferage, anti-sabotage and anti-hijacking. He had full access to MAS aircraft, including the cockpit.
“At the terminal, the suspect’s staff access goes all the way to the aircraft. “He also handles regular checks on aircraft on overnight layovers and was responsible for sealing the aircraft door for the next flight,” the source said.

4 Feb 2017


Here’s why terror group IS likes Malaysia’s security guards…

February 4, 2017


A look back at just a few horrific incidents by the very people who were paid to offer security can seal the deal for any terror group, let alone Islamic State, which desperately wants to recruit them.


Meet Malaysia’s security guards. And have a look at what some of them have been up to:

  • On Wednesday the police arrested three suspects linked to Islamic State (IS) — two of them were armed security guards in Kuantan for separate companies. One of the two was working for Malaysia Airlines, with access to its cockpits and most protected places.
  • Last month there was a bank robbery attempt in Sungai Petani in which the suspect, an employee of a security company, wielded a revolver.
  • Last month, a Taiping court sentenced to death Mohd Hafizuddin because the security guard with Safeguards G4S robbed RM1.2 million from his employer and fired shots that killed his 28-year-old colleague.
  • In June last year, a security guard was arrested as police investigated an incident where five masked men took less than 10 minutes to blow up two ATM machines and grab the metal containers with the cash inside at a bank near Kota Kinabalu.
  • In May last year, 60 foreign security guards who didn’t have any documents were among 92 guards arrested in a special operation in the Klang Valley. City deputy police chief Abdul Hamid Mohd Ali said his team conducted 815 checks on armed and other guards in various locations including schools, shopping malls, banks, jewellery shops, moneychangers, neighbourhood areas and construction sites.


53m53 minutes ago

Malaysia’s newest terror threat? Security guards


PETALING JAYA: Security guards in Malaysia have become the prime target for Islamic State (IS) to recruit into its terror ranks.

This was revealed by the lead police officer on counter-terrorism in comments to NST, published today.

Two major attractions to the terror group Islamic State is the poor quality of the vetting of security guards here and their access to weapons.

NST said Bukit Aman’s Special Branch Counter-terrorism division principal assistant director Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay told the newspaper that security guards have joined the list of “Tier One recruits” prized by IS.

The terror group also hoped to recruit soldiers and policemen for their access to weapons too. But the security guards are obviously the easier target as security companies do not vet them thoroughly enough.

Coming on the news of separate arrests of two armed security guards with links to IS — one of them was working for Malaysia Airlines — the Home Affairs ministry has warned companies it will revoke the licences of those who haven’t been following its vetting procedures “to the tee”.

The two security guards, who worked in separate companies, were both arrested in Kuantan. One of the guards, 37, was working for Malaysia Airlines while another, 32, had been working at a private company.

A source told NST in a separate report that the security guard who worked for MAS had full access to MAS aircraft, including the cockpits and that his job scope included making sure the airline’s flight operations were safe against pilferage, sabotage and hijacking.


3h3 hours ago

Threat of I.S. recruits access to strategic areas looms


Recent arrests of those with terror links working at airport, Customs Dept, opens door to horrific possibilities, says expert

GLOBAL terror group the Islamic State may have operatives and supporters firmly planted in some of the country’s most strategic areas.

Counterterrorism experts believe that IS have some of the country’s airports, including the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), practically covered.

Despite this, counterterrorism operatives may have averted a potential catastrophe when they arrested a security guard employed by Malaysia Airlines with links to IS on Sunday. Another man, working as a security guard in Kuantan, was also arrested on Jan 27.

The Indonesian, who is a permanent resident, when caught, had on him an airsoft gun and three volumes of the terror group’s ideology book Tarbiyah Jihadiyyah. He had worked in KLIA before being transferred to Kuantan Airport.

The Indonesian was arrested on his way to Syria with his family. Had his plans not been disrupted by the federal police’s anti-terror division, the worry is that he would end up obeying the call of IS leaders’ for their members and supporters to carry out attacks back home.

The New Straits Times learnt that the suspect’s job scope included ensuring the airline’s flight operations safety as well as anti-pilferage, anti-sabotage and anti-hijacking.
A source told the NST that he had full access to MAS aircraft, including the cockpit.
“At the terminal, the suspect’s staff access goes all the way to the aircraft.
“He also handles regular checks on aircraft on overnight layovers and was responsible for sealing the aircraft door for the next flight,” the source said.

The source said the other IS member arrested in Kuantan worked as a security guard and was equipped with a “Trusty PM 4” shotgun to man a guard post at Wisma Kastam (Customs Department office).

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/02/209490/threat-recruits-access-strategic-areas-looms

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