EPF Nominations: Is this true? Or a hoax?

And I thought EPF had put this ‘chain mail’ to sleep…

30 Nov 2016

EPF, “We have resolved the matter after contacting the member, who has since withdrawn his claim and removed his Facebook post.” 

EPF: Against our policy to remove members’ nomination details



KUALA LUMPUR: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) said today it was against its integrity and corporate governance to deliberately delete, amend or alter members’ nomination details for any reason.

“The EPF has no benefit in withholding members’ savings upon their passing and accounts that have yet to name any beneficiary (ies) will be considered as ‘No Nomination’, said its Corporate Affairs Department in a statement.

EPF was clarifying a claim by a member over missing nomination details of his wife.

Following the claim, EPF immediately initiated an investigation.

However, both EPF’s Kepong branch and headquarters-based registration and support department found no details of the nominee, as mentioned by the member in his Facebook account.

“In this case, the beneficiary’s name was not in the system.

“Upon further checking, we also found no physical documents bearing the name of the member’s wife which the member allegedly said was made last year,” it said.

According to EPF, the form shown in the contributor’s Facebook posting was a new nomination application as it was dated Nov 29, 2016.

“We have resolved the matter after contacting the member, who has since withdrawn his claim and removed his Facebook post,” it said.


Feb 2016


EPF Response to Chain Emails on Nomination and Dividends on Monthly Housing Withdrawals

In the past, there were chain emails on Nomination and Dividends on Monthly Housing Withdrawals circulating which contained distorted information regarding the EPF. The EPF has responded to the chain emails through press releases and emails.

However, these emails have resurfaced once again. Below are the chain emails and the EPF’s responses to the said emails for your information.

2. Chain Email on Nomination
Subject: EPF Rules: A must read

If ONE (1) of your Nominees in the EPF Nominees list dies, automatically the whole
arrangement (EPF Nominees list) is VOID. Meaning if, you only put in One (1) name &
unfortunately he/she dies before you? Automatically EPF will channel your EPF
money to trustee of AMANAH RAYA upon your death.

Even though if you have few names in the EPF Nominees list, -the whole
arrangement is VOID & none of the individual names left in the EPF Nominees list will get their portion & automatically EPF will channel your EPF money to trustee of
AMANAH RAYA upon your death.

Piece of advice – if any of the your Nominees in the EPF Nominees list dies, please do immediately approach the nearest EPF counter & present the Death Certificate of the individual & register your NEW / LATEST Nominee in the EPF Nominees list + NEW /LATEST percentage.

If you & the other party (maybe spouse) involved in the same misfortune (accident/ illness) that caused death to both yourself /spouse please, please, please alert
your siblings / relatives / parents to immediately approach the nearest EPF counter & share the information within 3 days to AVOID all EPF money to be surrendered to trustee of AMANAH RAYA.

Upon surrender to trustee of AMANAH RAYA, your children will have to battle the money thru 3 channels;

• Majlis Agama
• Pejabat Tanah
• Mahkhamah

EPF’s Response

The EPF emphasizes that the information in the chain email is NOT TRUE.

If a member has nominated more than one beneficiary and one of them dies, only the portion that was bequeathed to the deceased beneficiary will be invalid.

If the member later dies without updating his/her nomination, the surviving beneficiaries
will receive their portion accordingly.

Only the portion that was bequeathed to the deceased beneficiary will subject to procedures under the “EPF savings without nomination” in which case priority for the right to claim the deceased member’s savings shall go to next of kin or appointed administrator of the deceased member’s estate.

Hence, it is not true that when a member has named more than one beneficiary, the entire nomination will be deemed void when one of the beneficiaries dies before the member.

However, if a member has named only one beneficiary and the beneficiary dies before the member, the nomination will then be deemed void unless a new beneficiary is

Please note that members do not have to produce the death certificate of a deceased
Beneficiary to change their nomination. Members can change or update their nomination anytime by completing a new KWSP 4 Form. This will automatically revoke any earlier nomination made.

Another allegation in the chain email which mentioned that members need to go to the EPF counter within three (3) days to avoid the EPF savings being “surrendered to Amanah Raya” if no nomination is made or if a beneficiary and the member die at the
same time is also not true.

If a member dies without nominating a beneficiary and depending on the amount the
member has in his/her EPF account, the following conditions will apply:

If the member has less than RM25,000in his/her EPF Account, the initial sum of RM2,500 will be paid to his/her next of kin.The balance will be paid two months after
the member’s death.

If the member has more than RM25,000 in his/her EPF Account, the initial sum of RM2,500 will be paid to his/her next of kin.

The second payment (not more than RM17,500) will be paid to the next of kin two
months after date of death.

The balance of the savings will be paid upon submitting the Letter of Administration/Grant of Probate/Distribution Order/Faraid Certificate from estate administrators such as Amanah Raya Berhad or the Court or the Land Office.

The EPF wishes to remind that obtaining these documents can be time-consuming and fees may be imposed by the issuing authorities.

By nominating beneficiary(s), members will be able to ensure that all the documents
will not be necessary and that the withdrawal process by his/her beneficiary(s) will be hassle-free and free of any charge.

For Muslim members, the Faraid Law will apply, in which case the beneficiary will act as an administrator or “wasi” who will be responsible for distributing the savings in accordance to the Faraid Law.
This is why nomination is very important.

Members are also advised to check their nomination and update if and when necessary, particularly if the member has gone through life-changing events such as marriage, divorce or birth of a child.



1. Chain Email on EPF Death Benefit
ATTENTION to everyone who has an EPF account!!!

No matter how old are you, no matter how long you have held your EPF account, no matter how much money you have in you EPF account, and no matter how long you have paid for your EPF, according to Government Law, EPF will need to pay RM 2000 to an EPF account holder’s family when he/she died (family members need to claim the RM 2000 within 2 months).

EPF never inform us about this, I reckon very few people’s family did actually
receive this RM 2000 when his/her family member died because not many people know about this.

Where did this RM 2000 goes when the died’s family did not claim for RM 2000? someone’s pocket?? We don’t know!

So please bombarded this info to all your families, relatives, colleagues and friends, let them know about this info and remember to claim RM 2000 when his/her family die.

Don’t let this RM 2000 goes to someone’s pocket!!
EPF’s Response
The above email contained untruthful accusation. The EPF would like to inform its members that a Death Benefit payment of RM2,500 will be presented to the dependents of the deceased members as a gesture of compassion and to ease their financial burden.

However, this benefit will only be given once and subject to the following conditions:

•Malaysian citizen;
•Member has not reached the age of 55 at time of death;
•Application for Death Withdrawal is made within 6 months from the date of the demise of the member.

The Death Benefit is payable to the members’ dependent or next-of-kin when the application for Death Withdrawal is made.

The EPF would also like to emphasise that the money for Death Benefit comes from EPF’s investment earnings and not from the members’ savings. If the dependent does not qualify under the conditions for Death Bent, the money will still remain with the EPF to be distributed to all members as annual dividend.

Corporate Affairs Department
Employees Provident Fund
Date: 7 October 201

Chain Email on EPF Death Benefit


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