Repairing a sinkhole: Malaysia 10 days, Japan 2 days!

26 Nov 2016

My friend used to work for JKR, Jabatan Kerja Raya. We would joke about his employers, Jangan Kerja Rajin.

Before JKR was named JKR, it was known as the Public Works Department, PWD. That was, naturally, termed Pot Hole Diggers.

Landslide: 10 days to repair damaged road at Serendah

November 26, 2016

JKR will be using alternative roads as temporary routes while contractors cover the affected area with canvas to avoid further landslides.



HULU SELANGOR: Repair works of the road damaged in a landslide in Taman Idaman, Serendah today will take about 10 days.

Hulu Selangor police chief Supt R Supramaniam, operation commander at the location of the landslide, said based on initial reports by the Public Works Department (JKR), there was still groundwater flowing in the affected area.

“JKR will be using alternative roads as temporary routes. The contractor is still carrying out works to cover the area with canvas to avoid further landslides.

“For the time being, the affected area has been categorised as a Red Zone and all 340 residents from 64 families have been ordered to vacate their houses,” he told a media conference here.

He said the landslide had caused the formation of a huge hole, measuring 10 to 15 metres deep and over 600 metres in radius.

He said JKR would submit a full report on the landslide in about four days.

Japan repairs 98 foot long, 49 foot deep sinkhole in 2 days not even surprised.


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